unpackAI is an e-learning startup that makes AI and Machine Learning education as accessible as possible by offering affordable, virtual, and project-based Bootcamps to non-technical students, entrepreneurs, and business professionals.

A practical understanding of AI and Machine Learning is nowadays not only expected of software engineers but also of Business Professionals. This is why organizations have increased their AI/ML budgets, to increase recruitment and salaries in AI.

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📚About the Program

Non-degree in AI and Machine Learning Online Bootcamp at unpackAI

The AI and Machine Learning Online Bootcamp is a 5-week Bootcamp that will take you from a beginner in tech without programming experience, to teach you everything you need to know about AI and Machine Learning. It combines over 45 hours of live sessions, video content, activities, and resources.

Mode of teaching:

The Bootcamp is entirely online, and you will learn alongside a group of 12 students and 2 experienced mentors that help you along the way.

The classes are taught on Zoom, with Slack as a communication tool. To allow you to run and play around with code we will utilize Jupyter Notebook an interactive computational environment.

For the entire course, there are no installations required.

Class schedules:

Their Bootcamps have two live sessions every week scheduled on either Monday or Tuesday at 7:30 pm and Saturday or Sunday at 9 am your local time (we try to pair students in a similar time zone).

Aside from the live sessions, you are provided with self-study materials and homework that will have to be studied and prepared for the sessions. All your questions will be answered 24/7.

The weekly time investment is about 10 hours split into the live sessions and self-study.

Teaching Methodology:

Top-Down: They are teaching you the skills that you need and require and leave away the materials that are not important. Therefore, they have adapted a top-down approach, and enable you to learn by building your own AI model, to ensure that you learn practical skills.

Community Learning: They have proven that their approach of learning as part of a group with guidance is highly effective. You will learn through the questions and solutions of your classmates, and through the advice and support of your mentors.

Personalized Learning Experience: Every single student will have a unique learning experience when going through their Bootcamp. You will build your own model that can be applied to your personal interest or problem.


After successfully completing the Bootcamp, you will receive a certificate. This will be an official certificate awarded by unpackAI and can be connected to your LinkedIn if required.

Fees and Scholarship:

The tuition fee for this program costs $1499 USD. Students who are among the target group of the program qualify for a scholarship, which will reduce the tuition fee from $1499 USD to $295 USD.

Program Curriculum:

The Class Curriculum is uniquely designed for individuals without or with little experience in programming. It teaches you the essentials that are necessary for an organization. Every session is built on top of each other, and you are expected to present your results each week.

Course Materials:

  • Course Notebooks - Interactive coursebooks to build AI projects.

  • Video Contents - Weekly video content to learn at your own pace.

  • Learning Sessions - Combined 20 Hours of mentor live sessions.


  • Technical Interest
  • Good communication
  • 10 Hours per Week

Student Testimonials

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🏫About unpackAI

unpackAI is an innovative edtech startup that has the vision to educate 1 million AI students by 2026 and enabling everyone to be part of the AI Revolution through highly practical, affordable, and accessible AI education.

They provide the tools, the learning materials, and the right learning environment to empower their students to build their own AI projects within 5 weeks. Without any required programming experience.

They provide you with all the tools and guidance that you need to get started, without investing years and loads of money into a technical college education.

💰 Fees

Application Fee:

$0 USD

Tuition fee:

295 USD in total

💸 Scholarship Information

For a limited time, selected students can get a scholarship so the total price will be reduced to $295 USD (From $1499 USD). Please apply and we will review your application. 

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