Apply online at Tianjin University in Tianjin, China for 2022. All info for international students on admissions, scholarships, accommodation, and tuition fees.

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📚About the Program

Bachelor’s in Chinese BLCC + TJU Scholarship Program at Tianjin University (TJU)

The first year in Chinese preparation course at Beijing Language and Culture College. The next three years at Tianjin University. (4 years if studying another subject)

64 Programs Available at Tianjin university
Bachelor's in Chinese Language

There are two types of scholarships. 50% of students will get full scholarship (worth 100,000 RMB) including accommodation, 50% will get tuition only scholarship (worth 60,000 RMB). BLCC offers the scholarship for the first year - 4,000 RMB.

Tianjin University offers the scholarship for the three years after that (30,600 RMB total per year) (full scholarship, including tuition of 16,600 RMB, and living subsidy of 1,400 RMB per month.

Student who get the tuition scholarship will get 16,600 RMB tuition scholarship per year. You will need to get HSK 4 after the first year so you can pass to Tianjin University. During the study, you should pass the courses each year otherwise your scholarship will be revoked.

The total cost for the first year is 19,200 RMB at BLCC. There are scholarships for the second, third and fourth years. 
The accommodation cost at BLCC is subsidised and is 3,600 RMB for the first year (in a four person room).
The accommodation at Tianjin University is 450 RMB for the remaining 3 years.

You should pay 2000 RMB deposit to BLCC directly after being accepted and the rest of the fees for the first year on enrolment. Scholarships are available on a first come first serve basis.

You are advised to apply as soon as possible to increase your chances.

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📖Program Curriculum

Students study five categories of courses:
Chinese Language - listening, speaking, reading and writing
Chinese culture
Chinese literature
Chinese history
Chinese philosophy
Among these the Chinese language courses are the backbone

🏫About Tianjin University (TJU)

Tianjin University, previously known as Peiyang University, was the first modern university in China. Since it was established in 1895, it has been an academic leader in research and teaching, living up to the university motto of “Seeking Truth from Facts”. The university was renamed Tianjin University (TJU) in 1951. In 1959, it became one of the first National Key Universities and in later years was among the first group of universities to be included in the “211” and “985” projects which aim at developing world-class universities. TJU is equipped with experienced faculty and has distinctive disciplinary features. It is committed to constantly improving its education quality and level of scientific research in an effort to maintain its position as a world-class institution.

The University welcomed its first batch of international students in 1954.

About School of International Education (SIE)

Tianjin University school of International Education was established in January 2000, it is one of the secondary schools of Tianjin University. The school of International Educational takes enrollment, teaching administration, social administration and services functions of international students at Tianjin University for its main task, and also undertakes the Chinese language teaching for international students.

At present, Tianjin University has formed various types and levels in international student education including short-term and long-term Chinese language courses, undergraduate, master degree to Ph. D students. There are 42 countries students are studying at this university now, compared with that of 20 years ago, only 10 countries students studied here. Along with increases of international students and their countries, there has formed a multi-culture and internationalization atmosphere on campus.


Situated in the heart of Tianjin City, one of the four municipalities directly under the Central Government of China, the University offers an unrivalled student experience in a thriving, cosmopolitan community which will set the scene for the rest of your life. Known as a microcosm of modern China, Tianjin has been selected as the best commercial city and the most creative city in mainland China, also one of top ten Charming Tourist City in the nation.

About 120 kilometers away or 30 minutes by inter-city express train from Beijing, Capital of China, Tianjin enjoys the convenience as Beijing’s neighbor, and much lower cost of living compared with other cities in its category, such as Shanghai and Beijing.

Job Offers and Internship Opportunities

As the permanent host city of the Summer Davos Forum, Tianjin is now an economic center, the largest international port city and the eco city in Northern China. With the national strategies of Tianjin Binhai New Area, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration and Tianjin Free Trade Zone, a number of leading companies have their branches, R&D centers or even headquarters in Tianjin, which bring plenty of job offers and internship opportunities.

Living in University

TJU has one of the most active on-campus communities in China. A variety of extracurricular activities are offered through dozens of student groups and organizations such as Peiyang Arts Troupe, Youth Volunteer Association and many other clubs around campus. They offer social events such as the Weekend Concert, Robot Festival and so on. The campus provides a unique and supportive environment in which students can learn and grow while enjoying the campus life.

There are many sports fitness place in Tianjin University. For example, student activity center, stadium, gymnasium, swimming pool, tennis court, badminton court and table tennis hall etc. Students can access these places with their Student ID Card. And they have to pay the relevant expenses.

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🏠 Accommodation

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💰 Fees

Application Fee:

$0 USD

Tuition fee:

19,200 CNY in total

Insurance is 800 CNY.

Entry Requirements

You are not eligible to apply to this program because:

The minimum age is 18 and the maximum age is 30.

English fluency is required.

Minimum education level: High School.

All students from all countries are eligible to apply to this program.

Is this not correct? You can edit your profile or contact us.
Or see the list of programs you are eligible for here .
Check Your Eligibility Show Suitable Programs

📬 Admissions Process

3 Steps to Apply to a Chinese University

Application step 1

Application step 2

Application step 3

Please choose the programs here , "You are advised to select 2-3 programs to increase your chances of getting accepted.

Required Documents:

  • Study Experience Resume - TJU
  • English Language Certificate
  • No Criminal Record Certificate
  • Guardian's Citizenship Certificate or Identification
  • Medical Examination Form
  • Personal Statement Letter or Study Plan
  • Your Passport Copy
  • Your Photograph
  • Your Highest Academic Transcript (In English)
  • Your Graduation Certificate (in English)

Preparing documents:

You can start your application now and send the application documents during your application. Some documents you can send later if you don’t have them right away. Some more info about preparing application documents is here

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Application process:

Applying Online is simple in just a few steps. More information is available here.

The first steps are to choose the programs, pay the application fee and upload the application documents.

Once submitted to China Admissions, we will review your application within 2-3 days and proceed to the university or ask you for further clarification

After it has been processed to the university you will receive your unique application ID from each university.

The university may contact you directly for further questions.

We will then follow up each week with the university for updates. As soon as there is any update we will let you know. If you have made other plans, decide to withdraw / change address at any time please let us know.

After you have been accepted you will receive your admissions letter electronically and asked to pay the non-refundable deposit to the university.

Once you have paid the deposit the university will issue you the admissions letter and visa form to your home country.

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Here is some more information about the enrollment process after you have been accepted.

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