Jilin University is located in Changchun City, Jilin Province. It was founded in 1946 and is a comprehensive university under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education. Jilin is also fully supported by "Project 211" and “Project 985”.

Jilin University merged with the Jilin University of Technology, Norman Bethune University of Medical Sciences, Changchun University of Science and Technology and Changchun Institute of Posts and Telecommunications in 2011.

💰 Fees:

The tuition fee is 29,000 RMB per year. Total tuition is 87,000 RMB.

📅 Application deadline:

Application deadline are on August 10. This program starts in September.

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📚About the Program

Master’s in Surgery at Jilin University (JLU)

The Master’s in Surgery at JLU is a three-year program that concentrates on pre-operative, perioperative and post-operative surgery. 

🏫About Jilin University (JLU)

About Jilin University

Founded in 1946, Jilin University has been providing quality education to Chinese and international students. The university has many disciplines which include 43 colleges, 13 academic categories, 129 undergraduate programs, 304 postgraduate programs, 244 doctoral programs,  42 centers for post-doctoral studies, 47 first-class university and discipline construction projects.

Jilin Univerity has internationally acclaimed and outstanding faculty and staff. Currently, the university has over 6,500 faculty, 2,016 professors and 1,213 doctoral advisors. Jilin is also home to five state key labs and has taken many research projects both on a provincial and national scale. The university is a strong contributor to the national government's aim to further advance industrialization and high-technical content. 

If you enroll at Jilin University, you will experience a high-level talent training system because the university has extensive exchange partnerships and cooperations among many foreign countries and universities. Jilin University adheres to the principles of “active development, standard management, innovation through reform”.


Jilin University is located in Changchun City, Jilin Province. Changchun is the second-largest city in Northeast China. It is also the political, economic and cultural center of Jilin Province. 

Changchun is dubbed as the  'Spring City of Northland' has pleasant weather conditions throughout the year. Its favorable climate makes it a good place for agricultural development. Although it's a young city compared to Xi'an and Beijing, Changchun has a lot of historical spots. Many foreign nationals and tourist visit the city every year to experience its natural wonders, laidback lifestyle and nightlife. 

Jilin University is located in the cultural city - Changchun City, the capital of Jilin Province.

The streets of Changchun are spacious and the air is fresh. The tall buildings are set in the middle of the Yulin Sea and are known as the “city in the forest”. In the summer, the flowers are bright and the climate is refreshing and pleasant; in winter, the eucalyptus and silver flowers have wonderful scenery, while the perfect heating equipment makes the interior warm as spring.

Jilin University has 7 campuses in 6 campuses, which are located in different locations in Changchun City. The campus is lined with trees and flowers, and the culture is strong; the architecture of different campuses is different and elegant. Whether it is Yangchun, midsummer, golden autumn, and cold winter, Jilin University is a good place for teachers and students to study and study.

Scholarships in Jilin University

Jilian University helps Chinese and international students with excellent academic standing to finance their education. You can choose from part-time and full-time scholarships. Overseas students can apply for the “Distinguished Self-fund International Students Scholarship”. The Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship is also available for those who want to pursue a master's and doctoral degree. 

Campus Life

Changchun city is surrounded by greeneries, forests, and nature. The air is fresh and the environment is spacious and clean. Despite being an urban area, Changchun's tall buildings, and skyscrapers are situated in the middle of the Yulin Sea which is known as “city in the forest”. Flowers are bright and the climate is refreshing during the summer. In winter, eucalyptus and silver flowers bloom which creates beautiful scenery. The perfect heating equipment makes the cold spring warm. 

All in all, Jilin University has 7 campuses located in different places in Changchun City. The campus is surrounded by lush greens, trees, and flowers. Jilin University's environment is friendly, the culture is strong, and the campus architecture is elegant. Jilin is a good place for both teachers and students to study. 

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🏠 Accommodation

Jilin University has six modern accommodations for Chinese and overseas students. These are the Friendship Hall, Nanhu Guest House, Xinmin International Students Dormitory, Chaoyang International Students Dormitory, Daxuesheng International Students Dormitory, West Area International Students Dormitory and Hexie Jiayuan International Students Dormitory.

All of Jilin University's accommodation halls have quiet surroundings which are great for studying. You can choose from either a single or double room. Both rooms are equipped with a bed, bookshelf, chair, desk, showerhead, satellite-TV, telephone, and the Internet. You will also have access to the kitchen area, and laundry room.

Around your accommodations are gyms, business centers, shopping malls, restaurants and food, and laundry services. Living in Jilin's residences is one of the best ways to meet new people and friends. Make your stay at Jilin University worthwhile by staying within the campus!

  • You will need to book the accommodation after you have been accepted.
  • You can choose to live on campus or off campus in private accommodation.
  • We have an article about how to find accommodation off campus here.

💰 Fees

Application Fee:

$100 USD

Tuition fee:

29,000 RMB per year

87,000 RMB in total

Entry Requirements

You are not eligible to apply to this program because:

The minimum age is 18 and the maximum age is 40.

English fluency is required.
You need to be either:
- A native English speaker
- Studied a degree in English before
- Can demonstrate a high level of English
- Having an English certificate (You can take the English test online here) such as IELTS level 6 or TOEFL is an advantage.

Minimum education level: High School.

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📬 Admissions Process

3 Steps to Apply to a Chinese University

Application step 1

Application step 2

Application step 3

Please choose the programs here , "You are advised to select 2-3 programs to increase your chances of getting accepted.

Required Documents:

  • Your Photograph
  • Your Passport Copy
  • No Criminal Record Certificate
  • English Language Certificate
  • Medical Examination Form
  • Your Graduation Certificate (in English)

Preparing documents:

You can start your application now and send the application documents during your application. Some documents you can send later if you don’t have them right away. Some more info about preparing application documents is here

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Application process:

Applying Online is simple in just a few steps. More information is available here.

The first steps are to choose the programs, pay the application fee and upload the application documents.

Once submitted to China Admissions, we will review your application within 2-3 days and proceed to the university or ask you for further clarification

After it has been processed to the university you will receive your unique application ID from each university.

The university may contact you directly for further questions.

We will then follow up each week with the university for updates. As soon as there is any update we will let you know. If you have made other plans, decide to withdraw / change address at any time please let us know.

After you have been accepted you will receive your admissions letter electronically and asked to pay the non-refundable deposit to the university.

Once you have paid the deposit the university will issue you the admissions letter and visa form to your home country.

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Here is some more information about the enrollment process after you have been accepted.

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