Zhejiang University of Science and Technology (ZUST) is a multi-disciplinary university with emphasis on engineering, incorporating disciplines in science, arts, economics, management, and education. Combining the technical know-how of German Applied Science Universities with its own experience, ZUST explores ways of cultivating international specialists with applied skills.

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📚About the Program

Master’s in Physics at Zhejiang University of Science and Technology (ZUST)

This program is aimed to train high-quality talents with solid fundamental knowledge and professional application skills in the field of Physics. The students will learn frontiers and recent developments in modern physics and acquire experimental skills and basic diagnostic techniques. The graduates will lay a solid foundation in physics and be able to solve practical problems in engineering and technology. Furthermore, students’ stringent attitude toward learning and realistic style in research will be developed. The graduates will have high capabilities in independent scientific research and technology development, a strong sense of innovation, higher literacy, good teamwork spirit, as well as an international outlook.

The major contains the following orientations, namely Applied Optics, Material Physics, Physics of Quantum Information, etc. Applied Optics is very closely related to artificial intelligence (AI), which design machines to do intelligent work that only people can do in the past. For inanimate machines, one of the most important things to do is to consider how to perceive the information of the environment using optical approaches. Materials Physics is the study of organizational structure, material properties, production process, use efficiency and the relationship between them, which covering physics, chemistry, and other fields as well. As for Physics of Quantum Information, we know that quantum computation and information are results of the efforts to generalize classical computation and information to the quantum world. An important step in quantum information theory is the manipulation of quantum information. This requires quantum logic gates, in rough analog to the processing of classical information with digital circuits.

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📖Program Curriculum

Advanced Quantum Mechanics, Foundation of Modern Optics, Solid State Physics (II), Quantum Information, Quantum Dissipative Theory, Quantum Multibody Theory, Quantum Optics, Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics, Material Physics, The Application of Group Theory in Physics, Experimental Methods of Condensed Matter Physics, Micro-nano Optics, Laser Spectroscopy, Photoelectric sensing detection

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🏫About Zhejiang University of Science and Technology (ZUST)

ZUST is located in the historical and picturesque city of Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, one of the most prosperous provinces in China. ZUST is at the foot of Xiaohe Mountain, with a tranquil lake inside and rolling hills surrounding the campus, only twenty-minute ride from the most famous scenic spot in China–West Lake.

ZUST is designated by the Chinese Government as a pilot institution of Chinese-German cooperation in cultivating high-level career-focused talents, the standing organizer of “Chinese-German Education Forum”, and one of the first ten local pilot universities of implementing the national project of “Cultivating Excellent Engineers”. The development of ZUST is closely associated with its international cooperation. ZUST, since its foundation, has entered into cooperation with Germany, and now it’s an important platform for education and technology cooperation between Zhejiang Province and Germany. Up today, ZUST has successfully established formal cooperation with over 50 universities in Germany, USA, Italy, UK, Australia, France, Japan, Korea, Holland, Belgium, Romania, etc.. ZUST is still making strides in the development of international cooperation in the areas of faculty and student exchange, research and degree programs. Many honored guests and professors visited ZUST and worked here, including the former German President Roman Herzog and Christian Wulff.

At present, ZUST has been running 10 English-taught undergraduate programs and 2 English-taught postgraduate programs. Meanwhile, ZUST provides a bachelor’s degree program of Business Chinese for Chinese language beginners, and is ready to receive transfer students with Chinese language basic. With the further development of international cooperation and the establishment of distinctive undergraduate and postgraduate majors, the number of international students is increasing significantly. In 2014, more than 1400 international students from 97 countries are studying on the campus.

About Hangzhou

Hangzhou,“Paradise on Earth”, “Cultural State”, “Home of Silk”, “Tea Capital”!

Hangzhou located along Southeast coast of China, only 40 minutes with the most convenient High-Speed train to Shanghai, and to Beijing only 5 hours, is the capital of Zhejiang Province and serves as the center of politics, economy, science, education, and culture of. Hangzhou is a key national tourism city, historical city and international city as confirmed by the State Council, which is with much better living environments than the other big cities in China.

One of Hangzhou’s most popular sights is the West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The West Lake Cultural Landscape covers an area of 3,323 ha (8,210 acres) and includes some of Hangzhou’s most notable historic and scenic places. Adjacent to the lake is a scenic area includes historical pagodas, cultural sites, as well as the natural beauty of the lake and hills.

Campus Life

At present, there are 45 student associations at the school level and 35 student associations at each secondary school level, which can be divided into five categories: science and academy, theory study, humanity and art, social service, interest and hobby.

Every year, more than 110 activities are successively carried out, such as debate, “Blue Space” computer festival, “Eyas Cup” electronic design contest, “Computer Hospital”, “DIY” contest, artistic performance, sports competition.

International Students’ Union (ISU)

International Students’ Union was founded in June, 2013. It is established to help the students in ZUST, especially the International students, to expand their skills in cooperating and organizing. This union has a mission to realize self-service, self-management and self-education. It also create inspirational and amazing activities for International students and also as a bridge between office and students. The president of ISU is be elected by students’ vote. The employment term is 2 years. Other members of ISU are nominated by president. Mr Dibu Dave Mbako from Democratic Republic of the Congo served as the the first session of president. The new presidents are Ingels, Malaq and Zaid. There are four branches, Academic Department, Entertainment and Sports Department, Department of Publicity and Social Service Department.

International Culture Communication Association(ICCA)

International Culture Communication Association was founded in 2008. It is the first students association which serves as the bridge between Chinese students and foreign students. ICCA aims at strengthen the communication between Chinese students and foreign students and promote the construction of harmonious campus. Through diverse channels such as organizing activities, ICCA helps students know more about multiculture and raise students’ intercultural communication ability.

International Students Art Troupe

This is the first art troupe of Zhejiang Province and has a very significant meaning. Up to now, our school has more than 1000 international students from various countries. Among them there are many talented students. So the foundation of Art Troupe provide a large stage to them. Aicha Diallo from Kenya becomes the first head of art troupe and the teachers from Arts Education Department serve as art directors.

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🏠 Accommodation

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💰 Fees

Application Fee:

$80 USD

Tuition fee:

25,000 RMB per year

75,000 RMB in total

Insurance is 800 RMB.

Entry Requirements

You are not eligible to apply to this program because:

The minimum age is 18 and the maximum age is 35.

English fluency is required.

Minimum education level: Bachelor's.

All students from all countries are eligible to apply to this program.

Is this not correct? You can edit your profile or contact us.
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📬 Admissions Process

3 Steps to Apply to a Chinese University

Application step 1

Application step 2

Application step 3

Please choose the programs here , "You are advised to select 2-3 programs to increase your chances of getting accepted.

Required Documents:

  • English Language Certificate
  • Your Graduation Certificate (in English)
  • Your Highest Academic Transcript (In English)
  • Your Photograph
  • Your Passport Copy

Preparing documents:

You can start your application now and send the application documents during your application. Some documents you can send later if you don’t have them right away. Some more info about preparing application documents is here

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Application process:

Applying Online is simple in just a few steps. More information is available here.

The first steps are to choose the programs, pay the application fee and upload the application documents.

Once submitted to China Admissions, we will review your application within 2-3 days and proceed to the university or ask you for further clarification

After it has been processed to the university you will receive your unique application ID from each university.

The university may contact you directly for further questions.

We will then follow up each week with the university for updates. As soon as there is any update we will let you know. If you have made other plans, decide to withdraw / change address at any time please let us know.

After you have been accepted you will receive your admissions letter electronically and asked to pay the non-refundable deposit to the university.

Once you have paid the deposit the university will issue you the admissions letter and visa form to your home country.

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Here is some more information about the enrollment process after you have been accepted.

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