BFSU is a leading University in Beijing, traditionally specialising in training of Chinese ambassador’s and diplomats, there are now more than 400 ambassador’s or diplomats who have graduated from BFSU.
BFSU helps students with internships an career advice. Such as with ShunFeng, HSBC, Deloitte, PWC, Mercedes Benz, JP Morgan Chase etc.

💰 Fees:

Total tuition is 3,000 RMB.

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📚About the Program

Non-degree in Certificate in Doing Business in China at Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU)

What You Will Learn:

  • In this program, students will learn from introductory courses to specialized courses, focused on the Chinese economy and business, as well as its interaction with the world.
  • Chinese culture and its implications for business.
  • Chinese consumer behavior and effective marketing strategy in China
  • The value chain transformed and reshaped by the information technology
  • Exceptional growth of E-commerce in China and the explanation
  • Strategies of multinationals in China and Chinese companies going global
  • Socialism with Chinese characters—the mixture of command economy and market economy
  • Economic interaction between China and the rest of the world: trade, investment, and more


  • LIVE online course in English, dedicated learning guidance
  • Flexibility in study arrangement
  • Lower cost compared with study abroad
  • Certificate from one of the most renowned universities in China
  • Credits can be transferred to long-term study in IBS-BFSU, and most other universities
  • Opportunity to have recommendation letters from professors
  • Scholarship available for applicants from partner institutions
  • Opportunities to participate in culture/business study tour in China at a discount charge: visiting and case study on Chinese business + sightseeing + cultural interaction


Tuition*: CNY 3,000/course

•10% tuition exemption applies if students sign up for more than 2 online courses.

•5% tuition exemption applies for the first year if students sign up for degree programs in IBS.BFSU.


  • To be awarded the certificate, students need to successfully accomplish at least 5 courses within 2 years.


Core Courses:
Chinese Culture & Business Etiquette
The Government and Politics in China
Doing Business in China
Marketing in China
E-Commerce in China
Chinese Business Law
Strategic Management in China
Cross-Border E-Commerce and International Trade
Internet Marketing
Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Courses are Available in different semesters.

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🏫About Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU)

Beijing Foreign Studies University, or BFSU, is one of China’s top universities under the direct leadership of the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is listed under Project 985, Project 211 and Double First-Class Project of China. Located in Haidian District, Beijing, it has two campuses- the West Campus and the East Campus, separated by the North Xisanhuan Road.

Today, BFSU teaches 101 foreign languages, more than any other Chinese universities. It is the first in China to offer courses in some less commonly taught European, Asian and African languages. While best known for its excellence in foreign languages & literature, BFSU has also launched programs in more fields such as humanities, law, economics,management,etc. BFSU now offers courses in the following languages ( in chronological order): Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Romanian, Japanese, Arabic, Cambodian, Lao, Singhalese, Malay, Swedish, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Burmese, Croatian, Hausa, Vietnamese, Thai, Turkish, Korean, Slovak, Finnish, Ukrainian, Dutch, Norwegian, Icelandic, Danish, Greek, Filipino, Hindi, Urdu, Hebrew, Persian, Slovenian, Estonian, Latvian,Lithuanian,Irish, Maltese, Bangali, Kazakh, Uzbek, Latin, Zulu, Kyrgyz, Pashtu, Sanskrit,Pali,Amharic, Nepalese, Somali, Tamil, Turkmen,Català, Yoruba, Mongolian, Armenian, Malagasy, Georgian, Azerbaijani, Afrikaans, Macedonian, Tajiki, Tswana, Ndebele, Comorian, Creole, Shona, Tigrinya, Belarusian, Maori, Tangan, Samoan, Kurdish, Bislama, Dari, Tetum, Dhivehi, Fijian, Cook Islands Maori, Kirundi, Luxembourgish, Kinyarwanda, Niuean, Tok Pisin, Chewa, Sesotho, Sango, Tamazight, Javanese, and Punjabi. To better serve China’s diplomatic efforts,we now teach all official languages of countries with diplomatic relations with China.

International Business School

International Business School of Beijing Foreign Studies University was established in line with a vision to create a truly progressive and highly integrated business education program that combines an international business teaching model with an in-depth understanding of the Chinese economy. .The campus, located at Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU), in the capital of China, provides the perfect setting for such a dynamic program, focusing on Chinese businesses and their evolving relationships with western and other nations.

International School of Beijing Foreign Studies University offers students a most pertinent and unique combination of subjects, addressing contemporary Chinese business concerns, Chinese culture, Asian values and advanced Western and American business practice and management. Students are encouraged to develop themselves into responsible, ethical business leaders who solve contentious corporate issues with a strong practical and theoretical grounding and cultural sensitivity.

All class instruction and discussions of contemporary business issues are done in English, drawing on the vast knowledge and experience of our international faculty. In addition, an interactive and applied learning model is followed in order to give students valuable practical experience in the corporate world.

Chinese language forms a part of the curriculum to better help prepare students to understand the local culture and economy and take advantage of rewarding internship and employment opportunities locally and abroad.

Semester Abroad

From the third academic year, BFSU-SolBridge students have the chance to go to our partner universities for one semester exchange or study abroad program.

Some of the Selected Partner Universities:

NUI Maynooth (Ireland)
Hanze University, Groningen (Netherland)
Universidad Europea de Madrid (Spain)
University of Applied Sciences Northwestern (Switzerland)
Edinburgh Napier University (UK)
Lancaster University (UK)
Salford University (UK)
University of Kent (UK)

Edith Cowan University (Australia)
La Trobe University (Australia)
Queensland University of Technology (Australia)
The University of Queensland (Australia)
The University of Newcastle (Australia)

Newfoundland Memorial University (Canada)
Tecnologico de Monterrey (Mexico)
University of Louisville (USA)
Virginia Commonwealth University (USA)

Nagoya University of Foreign Studies (Japan)
SolBridge International School of Business (Korea)
University Tun Abdul Razak (Malaysia)

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💰 Fees

Application Fee:

$145 USD

Tuition fee:

3,000 RMB in total

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