MasterChinese is a Chinese online education school for beginners and above HSK level.

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📚About the Program

Non-degree in Online Chinese Group Class at MasterChinese

Let's learning something beyond textbooks! Useful & Practical & Up-to-date

Why Choose MasterChinese with Peipei's Online Group Class:

  • You will be utilizing real-life language instead of boring textbooks!
  • All the learning content came from years of teaching experience combined with authentic Chinese articles, conversations, and texts.
  • You will be focusing on various forms of communication which will come to great use in the real world.
  • When it comes to speaking, they will ask you to express yourself related to your life experiences and personal views and opinions.
  • You will meet your classmates from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures, and they guarantee you will learn a lot and have fun along the way!

Class Levels:

Elementary Level(HSK2-3)

  • Basic vocabulary/grammars
  • Conversational Chinese
  • Topics covering daily communications
  • Tips on self-study
  • Learning materials

Time: Every Mon. 10:15 -11:15 am OR Thu. 6:00-7:00 pm

Intermediate Level(HSK4-5)

  • Advanced vocabulary/expressions
  • Topics covering hot issues and news
  • Tips on self-study
  • Learning materials provided

Time: Every Fri. 10:15-11:15 am OR Sun. 6:00-7:00pm 

NOTE: Class time is Beijing time, UTC/GMT +8.00


  • After purchasing you'll receive an email with class information in detail and a simple test to help you figure out which level fits you the best.
  • Please reply to the email to confirm your time and level and you will be all set!


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🏫About MasterChinese

MasterChinese is a Chinese online education school for beginners and above HSK level. They provide all Chinese learners with online courses, learning apps, and learning materials. Choose between learning with a teacher or learning by yourself!

💰 Fees

Application Fee:

$0 USD

Tuition fee:

120 USD in total

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