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Non-degree in Online English Language Program at italki

Why choose italki to hire your English teacher?

italki is an online language education platform where students can learn foreign languages virtually by connecting with language teachers from across the globe. They offer up to 130 languages taught by +13,000 teachers globally.
Studying a foreign language on italki offers so many benefits:

  • Flexible class schedules: take your language lessons at a time and place convenient for you.
  • Affordable lessons that are up to 30% cheaper than in-person teachers.
  • Personalized classes: you can tailor the lessons to your needs varying from conversational, grammar, certification preparation, business, etc.
  • A choice between certified teachers and community tutors: you can choose a professional teacher to prepare for a certification course or community tutors for everyday practice.
  • Trial classes starting from $1 to try out.
  • Free language practice: you can practice with our free community by asking questions or writing a Notebook Entry to get feedback on grammar, spelling, etc.
  • Pay per lesson: you can top up your italki Wallet and pay per lesson without any subscription, bookings fees, or contracts.
  • Join free Language Challenges: you can participate in Language Challenges, set goals, keep yourself motivated, and win rewards for learning.
  • Refer a friend bonus: get a $10 bonus for you and your friend when you refer a friend who purchases $20 or more.

How much does an online English teacher cost?

On italki, you can hire online English teachers at a range of prices based on their teaching experience, the lesson duration, specific requirements, etc. For instance, the average price of a 30 minutes English lesson on italki is only $10! A 60-minute lesson with a professional English teacher on italki will cost you between $15 to $18 or between $12 to $15 if you pick an English tutor.

How to find the best English teacher for you?

On italki, you can choose from more than 4700 English teachers! There are some criteria to keep in mind while selecting the best online English teacher for you:

  • The number of years teaching English will show their experience.
  • The reviews and feedback they've received will give you an idea about their skills.
  • Their availability at the time that suits your routine will be an essential factor to consider
  • Initial contact with the tutor will help you know if you both fit together.
  • The number of languages they speak can also be a determining factor for the students looking to lake lessons in their mother tongue.
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🏫About italki

italki is a global language learning community that connects students and teachers for 1-on-1 online language lessons. We’re passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to learn languages, in the most personalized and authentic way possible.


To help people become fluent in foreign languages, by building connections with people from other cultures.


To build the world’s best community-driven language education platform.

Why choose italki?

italki is an online language education platform where students can learn foreign languages virtually by connecting with language teachers from across the globe. They offer up to 130 languages taught by +13,000 teachers globally. They also have up to 5,000,000+ language learners from 180 countries.

📬 How To Register

  1. Choose Your Teacher: Watch teacher introduction videos and read reviews from other students.
  2. Book Your Lesson: Only schedule lessons at a time and date that suit you.

  3. Start Your Journey: Connect with your teacher via video chat software, and let the learning begin!

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