Culture Yard Language School is a private language school based in Beijing, China, specializing in providing language courses and cultural programs to international students and expatriates. Established with the goal of facilitating language learning and cultural understanding, Culture Yard offers a variety of language courses, including Mandarin Chinese, tailored to meet the needs of learners at different proficiency levels.

As a language school, Culture Yard stands out for its immersive and experiential approach to language education. The school not only focuses on linguistic proficiency but also integrates cultural experiences into the learning process. It provides a platform for students to engage with Chinese culture, traditions, and customs, fostering a holistic understanding of the language. While private language schools like Culture Yard may not be subject to traditional university rankings, they play a crucial role in offering flexible and tailored language education experiences, making them popular choices for individuals seeking personalized language learning in a culturally enriching environment.

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📚About the Program

Non-degree in Online Chinese Language at Culture Yard Language School

About Culture Yard Online Chinese Language Class

Learn Chinese at your own pace. Anytime, anywhere.

Can’t take classes in person? Not to worry! Culture Yard also offers an online Chinese class. The same fun, informative classes via WeChat.

Take your Chinese to the next level with online 1-on-1 Mandarin lessons. With flexible scheduling, their experienced teachers are all native Chinese speakers who will work with you to adapt your lessons to your language-learning needs.

Where Do I Start?

Students are required to take a free level of evaluation before they start. 

The evaluation is in two parts: the first part is a short online test to evaluate your reading and writing abilities, and the second is a spoken evaluation for which you’ll spend 20 minutes speaking with a teacher. (This part can also be done via phone or WeChat call.)

How Does It Work?

The students will meet with their teacher via WeChat Videocall. Their teacher will also use WeChat to send them exercises and homework assignments.

Survival Chinese

Want to learn the basics quickly? Take a private online Chinese course for Survival Chinese! This 10-hour online course will give students the skills they need for navigating daily life in Chinese.

Topics include pinyin/pronunciation, making small talk, ordering food, shopping, and getting around.


Private classes are booked by the number of hours of study. Prices range from 150-220RMB per hour, depending on the number of hours the students will book. The more hours they book, the lesser the hourly rate. Kindly message us for the number of hours you will choose from the list below:

  • 220RMB/hour (1-10 hours)
  • 200RMB/hour (11-30 hours)
  • 190RMB/hour (31-50 hours)
  • 170RMB/hour (51-100 hours)
  • 150RMB/hour (101+ hours)
  • Online Survival Chinese: 10-hour course, 2200RMB  (220RMB/hour)

Private classes are taught following the CY curriculum of general Mandarin Chinese. For advanced customized classes, Culture Yard charges an extra 50¥ ($8USD) per hour.

  • Every class-hour is 50 minutes
  • The whole sum must be paid in advance
  • Changes or cancellations must be made at least 2 working days in advance


  • Culture Yard Online Chinese Language Class class schedules are totally flexible and can be done anytime, anywhere by the students within the working hours of the school.
  • Culture Yard offers its students who will register for their online Chinese Language course to a free 20-minute trial class, to show how their platform works and how easy it is to learn the Chinese language online.
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📖Program Curriculum

Lessons will follow proven Chinese textbooks, with class time, focused on speaking and listening to get the students communicating in Chinese right away. Students will also enjoy personal attention to help them focus on the key skills they want to improve. Classes are naturally engaging and fast-paced, and they can work with their teacher to adjust the speed and content of how they would like to learn.

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🏫About Culture Yard Language School

About Culture Yard Language School

Culture Yard Language School helps you learn Mandarin fast and quick. With their efficient teaching methods, your Chinese language skills will greatly improve to achieve fluency. Culture Yard uses a communicative and interactive approach so you can practice acquired Chinese skills in your everyday life. Besides this, the schools help you immerse in Chinese culture and people.

Culture Yard offers Chinese classes from the beginner level to HSK 6. You can enroll in any of the following programs: intensive course, part-time course, private Chinese class, survival Chinese, HSK preparation and the study Chinese online program. By the end of every program, you will find a new love and excitement for the Chinese language and culture. 

As a cultural centre, Culture Yard organizes activities such as cultural events, excursions, film shows, mahjong nights, Chinese calligraphy and more every year.


Culture Yard Language School is located at the center of old Beijing at 10 Shique Hutong. Two of the most prominent places in old Beijing are the Forbidden City and the Imperial Palace. These places exude the grandeur and history of China. Old Beijing is also home to traditional buildings made of wood which showcases the palatial architecture of China. 

Student Life

At Culture Yard, you will be taught Chinese that you can actually use in your daily life. Lessons will focus on your Chinese listening and speaking skills and the Chinese vocabulary provided to you will be relevant and practical. Culture Yard ensures that when you step out of the four walls of the classroom, you will be comfortable using Chinese. 

Besides teaching you the Chinese language, Culture Yard helps you appreciate the beautiful culture of China and the country's warm people. To engage in real-life Chinese use, you will go on excursions, trips, movie screenings, and film showings. You will also have the chance to listen to Chinese music, attend organized dinners in local restaurants and more!

Culture Yard has a WeChat group where you can interact with your teachers. You can ask questions and share information about the Chinese language and culture. 


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