Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), as one of the higher education institutions which enjoy a long history and a world-renowned reputation in China, is a key university directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education (MOE) of the People’s Republic of China and co-constructed by MOE and Shanghai Municipal Government. Through 117 years’ unremitting efforts, SJTU has become a comprehensive, research-oriented, and internationalized top university in China.

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📚About the Program

Non-degree in Global Executive of Business Administration Program (Global EBA) at Shanghai JiaoTong University (SJTU)

Program Overview:

The SJTU Online Program in Chinese Business was designed in 2019 and will be the most popular international training program and business platform in Shanghai. 

With over 100+ topics, The Chinese Business online program will cover past, present and future trends of doing business in China. After completing a minimum number of 4 full day topics (24 hours) participants are eligible to be awarded the SJTU Online Chinese Business Certificate. 
Attendees are free to attend lectures at any time throughout the year.  

Program Features:

Shanghai Jiaotong University Global EBA

1) Networking:

The SJTU Online Program in Chinese Business presents an excellent networking platform for foreigners & Chinese business persons. Be connected with past and present SJTU Alumni and be admitted to the SJTU Alumni club.

2) Business & Legal Advice:

SJTU Online Program in Chinese Business students and certificate students will have access to Professors and lecturers who can provide valuable advice on business propositions, staff problems, legal and taxation problems and more. 

3) Business Support:

The program will assist participants with Talent recruitment, Brand promotion, Venture investment, Bank Investment Advisement, Business establishing, Law consulting, Docking of industry, University and research, etc. 

4) Company Visits: Alibaba Visit & Lecturing

Company visits will be organized for participants from time to time. One of the highlights is one day lecture and visiting at the Headquarters of the Alibaba Group, the world's most innovative E-commerce group in the world, in the booming city of Hangzhou. 

5) Professors and Lecturers

The SJTU program Professors and Lecturers are acknowledged experts in their field and hail from prestigious Universities or are Industry Experts or Entrepreneurs, many of them with more than 20 years of China experience, from which the students can profit a lot.

Target Group

  • Middle & Senior managers in an enterprise company (with more than 3 years experience in management positions)
  • Senior Managers of Government Institutions, Institutions, and Non-profit Organizations
  • Top managers of enterprises: chairman, general manager, and Deputy General Manager

Tuition Fee & Scholarships

The tuition fee for this program costs RMB 32,800. Students who are among the target group of the program qualify for a scholarship, which will reduce the tuition fee from RMB 32,800 to RMB 8,800. Apply now because there are only 100 slots available for scholarships.

How to Graduate

Those who have followed a minimum number of 4 days topics (Full day topic, 24 hours total) on campus or online are eligible to be awarded the SJTU Online Chinese Business certificate. 

Shanghai Jiaotong University Global EBA


Every Saturday, from 14:00 - 17:00. Topics vary in length from 3 hours up to 6 hours.

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📖Program Curriculum

Lecturing Modules:
- China's role & future in the global financial Economy
- Complex business negotiations in China
- Leadership & corporate responsibility in China
- Human resource management in China
- Marketing & social media marketing in China
- Mergers acquisition & business to emerging markets
- Taxation, business incentives & subsidies in China
- Small & medium-sized enterprise management
- Global strategic management from a Chinese perspective
- Cross-cultural communication: Foreigner vs Chinese
- Doing business in China
- Management, Teamwork, and Communication
- Business Analytics and E-commerce
- Operations Management
- Macroeconomics and Public Policy
- Cross-cultural Management
- Corporate Environmentalism and Public Policy
- Entrepreneurship Management
- Family Business Management
- Doing Business in Germany
- General Sun Tzu's (BCA ca, 500) Art of War in Commerce and Admin
- AI Strategies for optimized product scaling
- Leveraging User data for User experience
- Fundamentals of Data Analytics for business optimization
- Jumpstarting a career in Artificial Intelligence
- The scope of digital Startups in China
- Key Business Analytics for product testing
- Rapid Prototyping & concept validation in China
And many more General interest Topics...

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🏫About Shanghai JiaoTong University (SJTU)

With profound cultural background, an age-old tradition on education, strenuous development history, and great achievements made since the reform and opening up, SJTU has attracted wide attention both inside and outside China. Carrying the mission of preserving cultural heritage, and seeking for the truth, bearing the responsibility of invigorating the Chinese nation and developing for the benefits of mankind, today this centennial university is sailing for the aim of becoming a comprehensive, research-oriented and internationalized world-class university.

SJTU Library

The Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) Library, from its humble origin as a small reading room built in 1896 upon the establishment of the Nan Yang Public School, is now one of the most venerable university libraries in China today. The SJTU Library system has come a long way since the construction of the first university library building in 1919. Laters additions included the Pao Sui-Loong Library on the Xuhui campus (October 1985), the Pao Yue-Kong Library on the Minhang campus (October 1992), and the Main Library on the Minhang campus (September 2008). The School of Agriculture Library from the Qibao campus became a member of SJTU Library system in September 1999, as did the School of Medicine Library from the Luwan campus, in June 2005.

SJTU Library has been committed to fostering innovation, practice and academic excellence, since its founding over a century ago. Over the years, SJTU Library has made great progress and achievements. SJTU Library system, with a total area of 63,700m2, currently comprises a number of branches covering a wide range of fields on natural and social science and technology. Affiliated libraries and reading rooms are housed in different schools and departments. Equipped with rich resources and state of the art facilities, SJTU Library is now boasts an open and integrated service system that facilitates and promotes research initiatives in all areas.

Campus Life

Stadiums and gymnasiums

The New Gymnasium (SJTU Sports Arena)

The New Gymnasium is located at the north-western corner of Minhang Campus with first-class equipments and magnificent decoration. This comprehensive gymnasium has hosted many lectures, concerts and games, including the basketball games of Shanghai Special Olympic Games in 2007.

Guangming Stadium

Located at the southwest corner on Minhang campus, this outdoor stadium has hosted many significant assemblies and ceremonies as well as the sports meetings. There is also a tennis court and a basketball court to the south and north of the stadium.

South Stadium and South Gymnasium

The stadium and gymnasium are seated in the center of the student activity zone. The stadium offers grounds for soccer, baseball and jogging, and the gymnasium houses table tennis courts and a basketball court on the first floor and badminton courts on the second.

Student Associations

Student associations of SJTU offer a wide variety of unique and popular activities, and play an important role in the students’ extracurricular life as a supplement for curricular programs and an important part of SJTU’s campus culture. There are now 168 student associations which can be classified into five main categories: politics and economicsvolunteer and charityacademics and scienceculture and art, and sports and fitness. The total number of the students in these associations has reached 17,000, of which 8,000 are active members.

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💰 Fees

Application Fee:

$0 USD

Tuition fee:

32,800 CNY in total

💸 Scholarship Information

For a limited time, selected students can get a scholarship so the total price will be reduced to 8,800 RMB (From 32,800 RMB). Please apply and we will review your application. 

📬 How To Register

Please apply here. Or you can register for a free trial class here.

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