1 Bachelor's in Pharmacy in Dalian

Dalian is a beautiful coastal city listed as the "Best Tourist Cities" of China. It has a vibrant and diverse community of international residents.

Study Bachelor's in Pharmacy in Dalian, China – check out a complete list of programs.

About Studying Pharmacy in China

A degree in pharmacy provides you with strong scientific and technical background in the pharmaceutical industry. The program is designed to prepare students for research and academic careers in medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis and pharmaceutical assessment. You will also be taught how to research, design, produce and manage new medicine.

About Studying Bachelor’s in China

A bachelor's degree or baccalaureate is an undergraduate academic degree awarded by Chinese colleges and universities upon completion of a course of study usually lasting four years.

Completing a bachelor’s program enables you to work in entry or mid-level management positions. This program is required if you pursue graduate studies or master's degree. A bachelor’s degree comes in two common forms, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.).

International students who wish to study bachelor's in China may choose to study English-medium programs or Chinese-medium programs.

About Studying in Dalian

Dalian is an important port city as well as industrial, commerce, and tourist city. Dalian lies on the southern tip of Liaodong Peninsula, on the west shore of the Pacific Ocean.

Dalian enjoys distinct seasons, beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. The city boasts of its many harbors, convenient transportation, prosperous finance and commerce and rich natural resources.

Dalian, the most open city in the north of the country. It was chosen as one of the top 500 cities in the world for its clean environment. It is proud of its title as the "Garden City".

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  • Bachelor’s in Pharmacy

    Dalian Medical University (DMU)

    Bachelor’s in Pharmacy

    Dalian Medical University (DMU)

    Dalian English
    Next Start Date
    Sep 2024
    Yearly Tuition
    28,000 CNY
    5 years
    Application Deadline
    Jun 2024
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