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Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CDUTCM) is a prominent higher education institution in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. Established in 1956, CDUTCM is dedicated to the study and promotion of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). As a public university, it plays a vital role in preserving and advancing the rich heritage of traditional Chinese medical practices. CDUTCM offers a comprehensive range of programs related to TCM, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, and traditional medical theory.

One of the distinguishing qualities of CDUTCM is its commitment to integrating traditional Chinese medicine with modern scientific approaches. The university emphasizes both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, producing graduates who are well-versed in the principles of TCM and capable of contributing to the advancement of healthcare. While specific global rankings may vary, CDUTCM is widely recognized for its expertise in traditional Chinese medicine and contributes significantly to research and education in this field. It stands as a key institution for those seeking an in-depth understanding of traditional Chinese medical practices and their application in contemporary healthcare.

🏫 About Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CDUTCM)

Founded in 1956, Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine(CDUTCM), originally known as Chengdu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is one of the four earliest established institutions of higher learning of traditional Chinese medicine approved by the State Council of People ’s Republic of China. Approved by previous State Education Commission in 1995, it was renamed Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 2006, Sichuan Health Management Cadre Institute and Sichuan Reproductive Health Institute were incorporated into CDUTCM. Over the past 60 years, CDUTCM has become a university involved in key construction projects of Sichuan province, offering six branches of academic disciplines including medicine, science, engineering, management, humanities, agriculture and education, forming the educational pattern that centers on Chinese Medicine and developing multiple disciplines as its support. CDUTCM is developed into a university co-developed by People’s Government of Sichuan Province and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of People’s Republic of China, Excellent University on undergraduate education level evaluation by Ministry of Education, a university selected National First-Class University Construction by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission. CDUTCM covers an area of 1800 hectares, sets 19 secondary schools and offers 34 undergraduates programs. 24,000 students are registered at the university, among whom 2500 are graduate students. CDUTCM is among the first group of universities eligible to award master and PhD degrees for Chinese medicine, and also among the first group of pilot universities eligible to award master and PhD degrees for clinical medicine. CDUTCM now has 3 PhD programs (first rank),21 PhD programs(second rank),7 master programs (first rank), 49 master programs(second rank), 3 post-doctoral research centers. CDUTCM has 4 national key disciplines( Chinese Materia Medica, Chinese Otorhinolaryngology, Acupuncture and Tuina, Chinese Gynecology), 44 Sichuan ministerial and provincial-level key disciplines. CDUTCM offers 6 national and 7 provincial specialty programs, 5 national and 31 provincial excellent courses. CDUTCM is awarded 3 national and 5 provincial excellent teaching groups. There are 1 national and 2 provincial talents cultivation mode innovation experimental zones. CDUTCM has cultivated years of talents in Chinese medicine and serves as the national continuing education base for Chinese medicine faculties. It now has over 600 professors, over 500 supervisors for graduate students and PhD candidates. Among them, 3 Chinese medicine grand masters, 3 nationally renowned Chinese medicine doctors, 1 leading scientist of national 973 program, 1 Changjiang Distinguished Professor,1 electee of national Ten Thousands Project, 1 specialist of national One Thousand Short-term Project, 3 national excellent scientists, 1 national outstanding professional and technical talent, 2 members of Disciplinary Valuation Group of the State Council, 2 nationally renowned teachers, 3 renowned teachers for Chinese medicine higher education institutions, 3 nationally excellent teachers, 94 recipients of Special Government Allowances of the State Council, 29 advisers for National Senior Chinese Medicine Specialist Academic Experience Successor Project,1 recipient of National Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Youth Scholar, 2 recipient of National Natural Science Funds for Excellent Youth Scholars, 8 Sichuan Provincial Renowned Teachers, 10 recipients of Sichuan Provincial Medical Health Lifelong Achievement Awards , 4 The First Sichuan Provincial Renowned Chinese Medicine Doctors, 6 The Second Sichuan Provincial Renowned Chinese Medicine Doctors. CDUTCM attaches great importance to talents cultivation, adhering to idea of the quality education with clarifying students career objectives, offering them opportunities and encouraging them. CDUTCM commits itself to advancing students moral education, developing their scientific and academic foundation, improving their creation and social adaptability and promote their all-round development. Since its foundation, CDUTCM has cultivated a large number of intellectuals on Chinese Medicine. Some of them are historic since the foundation of P.R.C: first group of undergraduates specialized in Chinese Medicine and Chinese Materia Medica, first group of postgraduates majored in Chinese Medicine, first PhD candidate and post doctoral researcher specialized in Chinese Materia Medica, first PhD candidate in Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology of Chinese Medicine. CDUTCM builds its own specific culture, characterized by Chinese Medicine, by diversed cultural activities, social practice, public service. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Dialectics, an academic magazine hosted by students, has been run for over 30 years. Boasting strong research capabilities, CDUTCM now has cultivation project for National Key Laboratory, National Experimental Teaching Mode Center, National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Mode Center for Chinese Medicine, National Joint Engineering Research Center for Processing Chinese Herbal Slices, National Chinese Medicinal Materials Genetic Information System(Sichuan), key laboratory for the Ministry of Education, Engineering Research Center for the Ministry of Education, key research offices for State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM Laboratory for State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine(third rank), Sichuan Provincial key laboratory. CDUTCM has 6 directly affiliated hospitals,17 non-directly affiliated hospitals,28 teaching hospitals and 36 internship bases . Among of them, Affiliated Hospital of CDUTCM (Sichuan Provincial Chinese Medicine Hospital) is the State Clinical Chinese Medicine Research Base(Diabetes), conferred by National Development and Reform Commission and the State Administration of TCM of the P.R.C. CDUTCM takes the lead on the foundation of medical partnership. The Second Clinical Medicine School and Clinical Medical Center of CDUTCM was co-established by CDUTCM & Chengdu 5th People’s Hospital. CDUTCM also takes Chengdu Integrative Medicine Hospital as its affiliated hospital, affiliated School of Integrative Clinical Medicine, and affiliated Integrative Medicine Institute. Since the 12th five-year plan started, 2899 projects have been awarded by CDUTCM, including 344 National Science and Technology Major Project, National Program on Key Basic Research Project(973 Program), National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Social Science Foundation of China. CDUTCM was awarded 112 prizes, including 3 Second Prizes of The State Scientific and Technological Progress Award, 1 Grand Prize , 12 First Prizes, 12 Second Prizes of Sichuan Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress Award, 1 National Teaching Achievement Award, 5 First Prizes of Sichuan Provincial Teaching Achievement Award. CDUTCM was granted 2011 Center for Collaborative Innovation, 1 Sichuan Provincial University Science and Technology Park. CDUTCM keeps on promoting the international corporation and exchange, and enhanced exchange and cooperation with the universities, hospitals, scientific research institutes and academic organizations of 26 countries and regions . CDUTCM is authorized to enroll the international students from Chinese Government Scholarships program. By now, it has trained professionals(both degree program and short-term training program) and from over 30 countries and regions, and they are from Korea, Japan, Singapore, Israel, Germany, France, the UK, the USA, Canada and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. CDUTCM also launched degree programs and exchange student programs with the UK, Australia, the USA, Hong Kong and Taiwan. CDUTCM established its Macao branch with Guangdong and Macao traditional Chinese medicine Science and Technology Industrial Park. With the approval of Ministry of Education, CDUTCM opened its Portugal Branch, providing undergraduates program majored in Chinese medicine.

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