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China University of Geosciences-Beijing (CUGB) is a prestigious public university located in Beijing, China, and is part of the China University of Geosciences system. Established in 1952, CUGB specializes in the geosciences, offering a comprehensive range of programs in disciplines such as geology, geophysics, environmental sciences, and geological engineering. As a leading institution in earth sciences, CUGB is dedicated to advancing research and education in geological and environmental studies.

One of the distinguishing qualities of CUGB lies in its strong commitment to geological exploration and natural resource management. The university has gained recognition for its contributions to geological research, both nationally and internationally. While specific global rankings may vary, CUGB is widely acknowledged for its excellence in the geosciences and its role in training professionals who contribute to the sustainable development of natural resources and environmental protection. The university's emphasis on practical applications of geological knowledge and its integration of research, education, and industry collaboration make it a significant player in the field of earth sciences.

🏫 About China University of Geosciences-Beijing (CUGB)

China University of Geosciences (Beijing) insists the socialist educational orientation, and implements the Party's educational policy seriously, as to improve the quality of graduate and to achieve the competent education. Through implementing the educational conception "special and best" in nururing Five Strength graduates, it has enhanced the basic subject education, the extending of the subject and the cultivation of the competence, also has established a complete teaching system consisting of class teaching, scientific experimenting, academic activities, and social practice. The system of credit and majors and minors have also been employed; Therefore, the undergraduate course could be finished within 3 to 6 years, which would be possible for those outstanding students to be trained with special scheme. In addition, some outstanding students are also granted the chance to pursue their postgraduate study free examination. Scholarships of various types and ranks are also granted to those who deserve them. The graduates from China University of Geosciences (Beijing) have been welcomed and highly evaluated by the society for their sound basic profession knowledge, industrious attitude to work, modest style and outstanding competence. With over 50 years development, China University of Geosciences (Beijing) has primarily become an important base for producing advanced personnel in geology for the nation. It has also built up a multi-disciplinary and multi-layer teaching pattern and teaching system, which basically exists in the form of full-time undergraduate education, postgraduate education, and also develops the adult education at the same time. During the 10th Five Year Planning, the university kept the teaching orientation of Characteristic plus Cream in enhancing the advantage disciplinary development; meanwhile, it strengthens the developing of the non-geology disciplines by organically integrating the geology disciplines and the non-geology disciplines. In order to meet the demand of the market, the university gives priority to subjects as computer, business management and English. Moreover, a lot have been done to highlight its characteristic in geology further and to extend the geology scope through the second stage of construction in 211 Project, finally to face the challenge owing to China's entry to WTO in educational market. In this way, the university tries hard to turn out advanced versatile science and technology graduates with sound knowledge base and ability to adjust, which balanced developed in scopes like: morality, intelligence, physical capability, and aesthetics. Currently, the university consists of 47 undergraduate programs distributed in 11 schools, including the School of Geosciences and Resources, School of Material Science and Engineering, School of Information Engineering, School of Engineering and Technology, School of Geophysics and Geoinformation, School of Humanities and Economic Management, School of Energy Resources, School of Water Resources and Environment, School of Gem Study, Foreign Language Department, and College of Adult Education. Besides, there are still 5 State Key Disciplines, 11 provincial key disciplines, 65 master's degree awarding points, 30 doctor's degree awarding points and three post-doctoral moveable research centers. China University of Geosciences (Beijing) is among the first 33 universities that were authorized to establish graduate schools. According to the remanded disciplinary catalogue, it has 7 scopes, including science, engineering, management, teaching, laws, and arts. Besides, with the authorization of the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council, the university could enroll and bring up Graduates of Engineering in 11 disciplines like geology engineering, material engineering and others. At present, it has primarily formed a system for cultivating personnel and awarding degree, which covers scopes of science, engineering, arts, management, economic, and law, with an outstanding characteristic and splendid quality. All these efforts have provide a good foundation for improving the scope of postgraduate education and the efficiency in school management. The university is endorsed to found three post-doctoral moveable research centers in geology, geology resources and geology engineering, environment science and engineering. China University of Geosciences (Beijing) mainly focuses on producing high-rank geology personnel and on achieving high-level fruits of scientific research in its function-oriented niche. In recent years, it has been emphasizing the reform of the postgraduate education, as well as enhancing to educate people and impart the books, insisting the full development of students in morality, intelligence, physical, and aesthetics. Through the reconstructuring of the disciplines, it has extended and stretched the scope of the disciplinary, especially the scope of the postgraduate cultivation, in the foundation of the advantage disciplines, with the improvement of the postgraduates' competence as part of these reform. By arranging the courses scientifically, updating the teaching content promptly, reforming the teaching methods, as well as selecting the postgraduates, recommending outstanding graduates to study straightforward for master's degree even doctor's degree, conducting the responsibility system for the postgraduate supervisors and doctoral adversaries, all these measures have gradually perfected the quality guarantee system of postgraduate and doctor cultivating. The university has been exploring and reforming the postgraduate education continuously according to the characteristics of the postgraduate education under new situation. In conclusion, China University of Geosciences (Beijing) has stepped into a track with a balanced development among scope, structure, quality, and efficiency. In the new century, China University of Geosciences (Beijing) is dedicated to becoming the world first-rank geology university under the guide the "special and best" conception.

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