📖 Introduction

Henan University of Urban Construction (HUUC) is a higher education institution located in Pingdingshan, Henan, China. Established in 1973, HUUC is a public university with a specific focus on urban construction and related disciplines. The university plays a vital role in training professionals who are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to contribute to the development and sustainability of urban environments.

As a specialized institution, HUUC offers programs in fields such as urban planning, architecture, civil engineering, environmental engineering, and management related to urban development. The university is dedicated to providing a high-quality education that aligns with the evolving needs of urbanization. HUUC emphasizes practical, hands-on experience to prepare students for real-world challenges in urban construction and development. While specific global rankings may vary, HUUC is recognized for its commitment to addressing the unique demands of urbanization, making it a key player in the higher education landscape focused on urban construction in Henan province.

🏫 About Henan University of Urban Construction (HUUC)

Henan Urban Construction College is the only provincial undergraduate university in Henan Province that focuses on engineering and features "urban construction" as a multi-disciplinary coordinated development. It is also one of the only two undergraduate colleges in the country named after "urban construction". The school is located in the new urban area of Pingdingshan City, an excellent tourist city and garden city in China, with Baigui Lake in the south and Daxiang Mountain in the north. The predecessor of Henan Urban Construction College was the Pingdingshan Urban Construction Environmental Protection School founded in 1983 and the Henan Branch of Wuhan Urban Construction College in 1985. After going through the historical periods of Henan Urban Construction College and Pingdingshan Institute of Technology, it was upgraded to an undergraduate school in 2002 with the approval of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. The school was renamed Henan Urban Construction College in 2008. The school has outstanding advantages in engineering and distinctive urban construction disciplines. There are 56 undergraduate majors, covering eight major disciplines including engineering, management, science, literature, law, and art. School of Civil and Transportation Engineering, School of Management, School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, School of Energy and Built Environment Engineering, School of Surveying and Urban Spatial Information, School of Art and Design, School of Computer and Data Science, Electrical and Control There are 17 colleges, including the College of Engineering, the College of Materials and Chemical Engineering, the College of Life Science and Engineering, the College of Mathematics and Physics, the College of Foreign Languages, the College of Law, the College of International Education, the College of Marxism, and the College of Continuing Education, serving 31 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions) and There are currently 19,955 full-time students and 15,579 adult education students. The school covers an area of 1,730 mu, with a total construction area of over 696,900 square meters and two campuses. The total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 302 million yuan, 96 teaching laboratories (centers), 10 on-campus training and practice sites, 1.86 million paper books, 1.55 million electronic books, 45 Chinese and foreign databases, various The sports field and gymnasium cover an area of nearly 110,800 square meters. There are fully functional academic lecture halls, gymnasiums, high-standard sports fields, digital campus network systems, and self-service book borrowing and returning systems. There are Henan Urban Construction Museum and Li Jie Architectural Culture Research Institute. There are 1,422 in-service faculty members, including 1,055 full-time teachers, 402 teachers with senior professional titles, 916 full-time teachers with doctoral and master's degrees, and 19 specially-appointed professors, chair professors, and visiting professors. There are 68 academic technology leaders. Since the establishment of the school, a total of more than 120,000 professional and technical personnel of all levels and various types have been trained for the country. The school pays attention to the construction of connotation, and has 1 national-level characteristic major, 1 off-campus practice education base for college students; 7 provincial-level characteristic majors, 9 pilot programs for comprehensive reform of majors, 2 pilot programs for engineering education talent training model reform, and experimental teaching demonstration center. 8, 4 virtual simulation experimental teaching centers, 3 teaching teams, 14 excellent grass-roots teaching organizations, 1 course ideological and political teaching team, 8 provincial-level quality courses, 3 provincial-level quality resource sharing courses, and provincial-level quality courses 17 online open courses, 29 provincial first-class courses, 5 provincial ideological and political model courses; 5 provincial key disciplines, 1 key laboratory, 4 engineering laboratories, 4 engineering technology research centers, engineering There are 5 research centers, 1 Xingchuang Tiandi, and 4 other innovation platforms. In the past three years, it has undertaken 146 scientific and technological research projects at or above the provincial and ministerial level, including major scientific and technological special projects and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and has been approved for 95 projects of the Ministry of Education’s industry-university cooperation and education; published 204 books and textbooks; published papers 311 papers have been included in SCI, EI, ISTP and CSSCI; 283 patents have been authorized; it has been selected as one of the “Top Ten Fastest Universities” for intellectual property construction in Henan for 3 consecutive years; it has won a total of 525 scientific research awards at all levels, including the Henan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. In recent years, the school has successively passed the qualification evaluation and audit evaluation of the teaching work of ordinary undergraduate colleges and universities by the Ministry of Education, and the majors of Architectural Environment and Energy Application Engineering, Engineering Management, Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering, Urban and Rural Planning, and Civil Engineering have passed the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Higher Education Education professional evaluation, surveying and mapping engineering, and civil engineering have passed the professional certification of engineering education. Civil engineering, engineering cost (digital construction direction), urban and rural planning, electrical engineering and automation (intelligent power transmission and distribution direction), water supply and drainage science and engineering, architecture, engineering management, building environment and energy application engineering, data science and large-scale Eleven undergraduate majors, such as data technology, surveying and mapping engineering (intelligent surveying and mapping), and traffic engineering, are one enrollment major. Nine majors in electrical engineering and automation, digital media technology, traffic engineering, engineering management, civil engineering, building environment and energy application engineering, water supply and drainage science and engineering, surveying and mapping engineering, and urban and rural planning have been approved as first-class undergraduate professional construction sites in Henan Province. Approved for the construction of a master's degree authorized unit. The school carries out dual-degree education, implements the credit system, and jointly trains postgraduates with 13 universities including Zhengzhou University, Lanzhou University, Anhui University of Technology, North China University of Water Conservancy and Hydropower, and Donghua University. The school attaches great importance to the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality and innovation ability. In the past three years, it has won more than 1,700 national and provincial awards in the "Internet +" and "Challenge Cup" innovation and entrepreneurship competitions and various college student discipline competitions. There is a Chinese Academy of Entrepreneurship, which has built various innovation and entrepreneurship platforms such as Cainiao Maker Space, University Student Entrepreneurship Incubation Park, etc. It has successively been approved as Henan University Student Entrepreneurship Education Demonstration School, Henan Provincial Maker Space, and Henan University Student Entrepreneurship Practice Demonstration Base and other honorary titles, the atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship is strong, the quality of graduates has been fully recognized by employers, and the employment rate is firmly in the forefront of similar universities in the province. "Henan Province Henan Province Henan Province and Urban Construction College Graduates Employment Sub-Market" is located in our school, which provides convenient conditions for the employment of the school and even the province's urban construction graduates. The school is listed as the 20th non-"211" undergraduate college in the central and southern regions by the MyCOS Network College Student Employability Ranking. It is the only non-"211" college in Henan Province ranked in the top 20 colleges. In 2012, the school was rated as "National Graduate Employment Typical Experience College" by the Ministry of Education. In 2017, the school was selected as a pilot unit of the Ministry of Education's "Hundreds and Tens of Thousands Project" project. The school implements the strategy of "school-enterprise cooperation, industry-education integration", and has built Asset Management Co., Ltd., University Science and Technology Park, Industrial Technology Development Research Institute, Henan Provincial Urban Comprehensive Design Research Institute, and Baicheng Construction Technology Research Institute, and built a dam road. Engineering Hospital Henan Urban Construction College Branch, Henan Urban and Rural Planning Big Data Application Technology Engineering Research Center, Henan High Score Data Pingdingshan Branch, Baigui Lake National Wetland Park Ecological Research Monitoring Center, Urban Solid Waste Comprehensive Disposal and Ecological Utilization Collaborative Innovation Center , Health Food Collaborative Innovation Center, Nylon Industrial Technology College, BIM Technology Research Center, Urban Construction Development Center, Yuxin Industrial Information Technology Research Institute and other scientific research and innovation service platforms. It has carried out in-depth cooperation with the government and enterprises, and actively played its role in serving the society, resulting in good economic and social benefits. The school insists on opening schools, continuously expands and deepens foreign exchanges, actively carries out education for international students in China, and conducts teaching and scientific research cooperation with well-known foreign universities such as Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Hungary, Belarus, Cyprus, Japan, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, and the Philippines. . Since 2013, it has successively carried out undergraduate Sino-foreign cooperative education projects with the University of the Highlands and Islands in the United Kingdom and St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Engineering in Russia. Currently, there are nearly 1,200 international cooperative education programs and international students in the school. The school adheres to the school motto of "virtuousness is practical, erudite and prudent", promotes the school-running philosophy of "morality and learning, unity of knowledge and action" and the university spirit of "unremitting self-improvement and pursuit of excellence". Promote transformation and improvement, actively serve local economic, social and industrial development, and have achieved remarkable results, which are widely praised by superior authorities and all sectors of society. Home of Workers, National Advanced Institutions for Ten-Year Socialization Reform of Colleges and Universities, Pilot Universities in Henan Province for Comprehensive Reform of "Three Comprehensive Education", Advanced Unit for Party Building in Henan Province, Advanced Unit for Grass-roots Party Organization Construction in Henan Province, Henan Province Henan Province Civilized Campus Model, Henan Province School Style Construction Advanced Unit, Henan Province University Mental Health Education Demonstration Unit, Henan Province National Student Loan Work Advanced Unit, Henan Province's Most Employment Competitive Demonstration College, Architectural Society of China Popular Science Education Base, The 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China Henan people are satisfied with the university, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China Henan's most domestic employment competitiveness universities, Henan Province smart campus pilot university, Henan Province Entrepreneurship Education Demonstration School, Henan Province Provincial Maker Space, Henan Province Innovation and entrepreneurship practice demonstration base for college students, the first batch of innovation and entrepreneurship education reform demonstration universities in Henan Province, Henan higher education model demonstration universities in 2020, domestic high-quality employment demonstration universities in 2020, the first batch of credit system management demonstration schools in Henan Province, and undergraduates in Henan Province It has been awarded the title of a pilot university for the reform of the academic tutor system, and a key undergraduate university for the construction of a demonstration application technology type during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period in Henan Province. Looking forward to the future, the school will continue to firmly grasp the direction of socialist school-running, focusing on comprehensively improving the quality of personnel training; running through the two main lines of reform and innovation, transformation and upgrading; and striving to achieve the three goals of school-running level improvement, transformation and development, and civilized and harmonious campus construction. Focus on shaping the four characteristics of application, urban construction, locality and internationalization; continue to focus on professional and professional group construction, teaching staff, practice teaching base and industry-education integration platform, technology service and collaborative innovation platform, cultural heritage innovation and university Five constructions including the system, closely follow the pace of "double first-class" construction, actively promote the construction of new engineering, actively integrate into the "100-city construction and quality improvement project", and work hard to build the school into a high-level application technology-based urban construction university!

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