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Shanghai University of Sport (SUS) is a specialized institution located in Shanghai, China, focusing on sports education and research. Established in 1952, SUS is a public university that plays a significant role in the development of sports-related disciplines in China. The university is dedicated to advancing sports science, physical education, and athletic training.

SUS is recognized for its commitment to sports excellence and has made substantial contributions to the development of sports education and research in China. The university places a strong emphasis on both academic and athletic achievements, aiming to produce well-rounded professionals in the field of sports. While specific world rankings may vary, SUS is esteemed for its role in fostering sports talent, contributing to sports science research, and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. The institution's dedication to sports education and its impact on the sports industry in China make it a notable institution in the realm of sports-focused higher education.

🏫 About Shanghai University of Sport (SUS)

Founded in 1952, Shanghai Institute of Physical Education is the earliest sports institution of higher learning in New China. Since 2001, it has been jointly built and managed by the State Sports General Administration and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government. In 2017, it was selected into the first batch of national "double first-class" and Shanghai high-level local college construction sequence. The school adheres to the socialist direction of running a school, takes root in China to build a world-class sports university, and insists on exploring innovative development paths with sports characteristics including talent training, academic innovation, social services, cultural inheritance, and openness to the outside world. Focus on implementing the fundamental task of Lide and cultivating people, and build a pattern of five-education integrated education. Adhere to the characteristic applied research-oriented school-running orientation, uphold the school motto of "unity of mind and body, and compete for competition", carry the glorious mission of "developing sports, enhancing people's physique, and promoting sports culture", and practice "for the lifelong development of teachers and students" The fundamental The concept and the school-running idea of "unifying body and mind, combining morality and skills, combining arts and sciences, and serving the society". In recent years, General Secretary Xi Jinping has successively inspected the Papua New Guinea Training Center of the China Table Tennis Academy of our school, replied to the letters of the PNG students who were trained in our school, and inspected the scientific research and innovation projects of our school's teachers and students in the Zhangjiakou Division of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The school currently has two campuses in Yangpu and Xuhui, as well as teaching points in Jiangwan, Huangpu and Songjiang. It covers an area of more than 1,100 acres, and the school building area is about 370,000 square meters. There are about 7,000 full-time students. The school is one of the first batch of doctoral degree-granting units in my country's sports colleges (1986). In 1981, it became a master's degree-granting unit. A discipline layout system with physical education as the main body and high-level cross-integration of science, medicine, literature, engineering, management, law, art and other disciplines has been formed. In the fourth round of national subject evaluation, our school's "Physical Education" obtained the highest grade of A+. There are 24 undergraduate majors. Among them, there are 7 national first-class undergraduate majors. There are 22 national, provincial and municipal first-class undergraduate courses, which basically cover all undergraduate majors in our school. There are currently 6 first-level academic master's degree programs in sports, psychology, medical technology, journalism and communication, Marxist theory, public health and preventive medicine; sports, tourism management, journalism and communication, applied psychology, 5 professional master's degree authorization points such as business administration. It has a doctoral degree authorization point for the first-level discipline of physical education, and its affiliated doctoral degree authorization points for all second-level disciplines such as sports humanities and sociology, sports human science, national traditional sports, and physical education and training. It has set up 5 second-level discipline doctoral programs (sports management, sports engineering, sports rehabilitation, anti-doping, sports communication). The school has a strong faculty, with about 600 full-time teachers. In 2017, the sports and health science teacher team was rated as the first batch of "National University Huang Danian-style teacher teams" by the Ministry of Education. Adhering to the development policy of "emphasizing both characteristics and quality, and mutual promotion of discipline construction and personnel training", in recent years, it has won 1 first prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award. In the past two teaching achievement awards, he has won 3 national teaching achievement awards and 15 Shanghai municipal awards. The faculty includes foreign academicians of the National Academy of Sports Science (NAK), independent directors of the International Doping Control Agency (ITA), senior researchers of the Oregon Research Institute, chief scientists of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), High-level teachers such as the former chairman of the American Academy of Sports Medicine and the National Academy of Sports, and a member of the Referee Committee of the International Soft Tennis Federation. Many teachers in the team have won the "Oriental Scholars", "Pujiang Talents", etc., and have been selected into the "Dawning Project", "Mengguang Project", "Sailing Project", etc., and won the Baosteel Outstanding Teacher Award. The teaching team includes world champions, athletes, international and national referees. The school actively promotes the "integration of sports and education" talent training innovation. It took the lead in building the world's only higher education institution specializing in table tennis, the China Table Tennis Academy, and was recognized by the ITTF as the highest academy-level affiliated training base. Cooperate with the International Handball Federation and the IAAF to build the International Handball Academy and the IAAF Special Training Certification Center respectively; jointly build the Chinese Basketball Association with the Chinese Basketball Association, the Chinese Athletics Association, the Chinese Badminton Association, the Chinese Gymnastics Association and the Chinese Triathlon Association. The college, the marathon college, the badminton college, the gymnastics college and the triathlon college are the "National High-level Sports Reserve Talent Base" for the middle-distance running project. There are one national-level and one Shanghai experimental teaching demonstration center. Vigorously cultivate innovative and entrepreneurial talents with sports characteristics, and successively won the national gold medal of the “Youth Red Dream Journey” track and the only “Rural Revitalization Award” in the China “Internet +” College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition; The breakthrough won the National Silver Award. A new model for training top-notch innovative talents "Yunrui Academy" was established. The school and Shanghai Greenland Shenhua Football Club jointly established the Greenland Shenhua Upper Body Women's Football Team. Over the years, a group of internationally renowned coaches have been trained, such as Shi Zhihao, Sun Haiping, Chen Zhonghe, Wang Yuefang, Sun Li'an, Shen Fulin, Ma Liangxing, etc. The level of academic innovation is in a leading position. In recent years, it has won 3 National Science and Technology Progress Awards. The number of projects approved by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the National Philosophy and Social Science Foundation is at the leading level among similar universities. It is the first sports university to be approved as a key project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. It has successively undertaken major projects of the National Philosophy Foundation and the Ministry of Education. 8 items. It is the host unit of the national key research and development plans of the Ministry of Science and Technology "Science and Technology Winter Olympics", "Active Health" and other special projects and more than 20 research and development units. It is the only sports university that has won the "China Ice and Snow Technology Joint Research Unit". Established the world's top sports academic journal platform, "Sports and Health Science (English Edition)" ranks among the top three in the SCI subject library, won the "Nomination Award for the Fifth China Publishing Government Award Journal Award", and has been listed in the "China's Most International Influence" for 7 consecutive years. Ranked No. 1 in the Academic Journal of Strength (Humanities and Social Sciences). The Shanghai Research Institute of Physical Education, Psychology and Doping Testing was selected as the peak subject, plateau subject and category IV peak subject of the Municipal Education Commission. A high-level scientific research platform has been established. The National Doping Testing Shanghai Laboratory is located in our school, with 4 provincial and ministerial-level key laboratories, 7 provincial and ministerial-level philosophy and social science (including sports industry) bases, and 1 Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Center and 1 cutting-edge scientific research base. Piece. First-class sports universities promote high-quality social services. It is the first in the country to release the Chinese children and adolescents' physical literacy evaluation model, physical health index evaluation model and youth sports skill level standards, etc., providing important guidelines for the reform and development of school sports and education evaluation in my country. The "Sports Drug Rehabilitation" model was affirmed by the Ministry of Justice and transformed into a national standard. The training bases for the three-player basketball national team and the steel-frame snowmobile national team are located in our school. There are 1 Shanghai Key Cultivation Think Tank, 1 Shanghai Marxist Theory Think Tank, and 1 Shanghai University Think Tank. Take the lead in drafting important policy documents such as sports power, national fitness, and the national "14th Five-Year Plan" for sports development. Actively serve the high-quality integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region. The Yangtze River Delta Sports Integration Research Center and the Yangtze River Delta Sports Industry Cooperation Secretariat are located in our school. Actively serve Hainan to deepen reform and opening up, and initiate the establishment of the Hainan Free Trade Innovation Sports Industry Research Institute. There is the only National Sports University Science and Technology Park in China. Vigorously build a new highland for the inheritance of sports culture. The International Olympic Committee approved the establishment of the Olympic Academy of Shanghai Institute of Physical Education. It is the first to introduce the ITTF Museum and China Table Tennis Museum, which are established by international sports organizations. There is the world's first museum that comprehensively displays the history and culture of martial arts - the Chinese Wushu Museum. The upper body (martial arts) was selected as the base for the inheritance of Chinese excellent traditional culture in national colleges and universities, and the Institute of Chinese Traditional Sports Intangible Cultural Heritage was established. The first president of our school, Mr. Wu Yunrui, was selected as the "Master of Social Sciences" in Shanghai. It has built the first sports-themed university sports bookstore in China, and built a sports education museum. Establish a new pattern of open development. It is a Chinese government scholarship eligible school and a pilot institution designated by the Ministry of Education to independently recruit Chinese government scholarship students. It has established cooperative relations with 137 universities and institutions in 44 countries and regions, and trained students from more than 60 countries and regions, including the United States, France, Germany, Japan, and South Korea. Successfully established 5 international cooperation training projects for innovative talents of the National Foundation Retention Committee. Two overseas centers have been established with the University of Wyoming in the United States and the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. It is the executive vice-chairman unit of China "Silk Road" Sports Education Alliance, and joined the "China-Russia Sports Education Alliance" and the China-Central and Eastern European University Sports Education and Research Alliance. Established a partnership with Bac Ninh Sports University in Vietnam. In the Macau Special Administrative Region of China, it cooperates with Macau Polytechnic Institute to carry out joint training of doctorate and master degree in sports.

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