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Xinxiang Medical University (XXMU) is located in Xinxiang, a city in Henan Province of Central China and bordered by Taihang Mountains to the north and Yellow River to the south. XXMU is provincial, public institution of higher learning supported by Henan Province, and also the only undergraduate institution of western medicine in Henan Province so far. At present, the university has 12,860 faculty members and staff (including members from affiliated hospitals), and over 13,000 full-time postgraduates, undergraduates and international students. The campus covers an area of 1744.58 acres, with a total construction area of 1250000.83 square meters. The total value of instruments and equipment for teaching and research amounts to 230 million RMB. The library is well equipped with 2120000.45 paper books and 3,753.13GB electronic books. The university has 5 directly affiliated, 14 non-indirectly affiliated hospitals and more than 100 teaching practice bases. Besides, it issues 4 academic journals such as Recent Advances in Ophthalmology, Journal of Applied Clinical Pediatrics and Journal of Xinxiang Medical University. In 2006, the university successfully passed undergraduate teaching assessment organized by Ministry of Education of China and was rated as excellence.In 2016, the university successfully passed in the Ministry of Education undergraduate teaching work audit and evaluation by the expert group; in 2016, the university became one of the "13th Five-Year Plan” national 100 central and western universities basic capacity construction project support universities; in 2018, the university successfully passed the Ministry of Education clinical medicine professional certification. In 2020, the university 's "immunization and model animal science innovation and intelligence base" was approved by the National "111 Plan ". XXMU, with a history of nearly 100 years, can be dated back to the Western Medicine Clinic opened by a British, Lohyde, in 1896 in Weihui City. In 1903, on the basis of the Clinic, a Canadian missionary made it into a hospital named as Boji Hospital, which was renamed as Huimin Hospital after expansion in 1920. In 1922, a Canadian, Witlif, created the Nursing School of Huimin Hospital, which enrolled four-year nursing students granted diplomas by Chinese Nursing Association (The name used in 1923 was Chinese Council of Nurses). This serves as the beginning of school education and on the basis of the Nursing School, Medical School of Pingyuan Province was founded in 1950, which was renamed as The Second Medical School of North China after revocation of Pingyuan Province in November, 1952. In 1958,the school was renamed as Medical College of Xinxiang Prefecture and renamed again as Medical College of North Henan in 1962. In 1982, the college was promoted to undergraduate institution with the approval of Ministry of Education of China , and was named as Xinxiang Medical University. XXMU will stand firm in Henan Province, rise in the country and step into the world. Guided by the well-established development strategy of “enroot the university by quality of education, vitalize the university by scientific research and empower the university by talent”, the university is striding toward its ambitious goal of turning itself into an “internationally recognized teaching-focused and research-oriented medical university, with medicine as its core, arts, science and engineering as its new growth points”. XXMU comprises 22 schools, colleges and departments; its disciplines covers seven categories: medicine, science, engineering, literature, law, management, and education; clinical medicine has entered the top 1% of ESI global ranking and has been selected into the National Double first-class majors; three specialties,including medical imaging, preventive medicine and pharmacy, have been selected into the provincial double first-class majors; it has one characteristic discipline group (a) in Henan Province; and 8 basic medicine, clinical medicine and medical technology There are 10 first-class disciplines approved as provincial key disciplines; 10 master's degree authorization points of basic medicine, clinical medicine, pharmacy, and 6 professional master's degree authorization points in clinical medicine, public health, nursing, etc.; 29 undergraduate majors; 4 national characteristic specialties, 10 provincial characteristic specialties and 9 provincial specialty specialties, including clinical medicine, medical laboratory technology, nursing and pharmacy There are two provincial excellent doctor education and training program pilot projects,and one provincial engineering education talent training mode reform pilot. It has been approved as the pilot unit of national comprehensive reform of clinical medicine and national excellent doctor training plan. It has established three national standardized training bases for residents, two national clinical training bases for general practitioners and one national training base for clinical pharmacists. The university has the largest clinical skills training center and nursing skills training center in Henan Province.two national clinical training bases for general practitioners and one national training base for clinical pharmacists. The university has the largest clinical skills training center and nursing skills training center in Henan Province.two national clinical training bases for general practitioners and one national training base for clinical pharmacists. The university has the largest clinical skills training center and nursing skills training center in Henan Province. We should adhere to the quality of the school. The general undergraduate major is included in the whole enrollment, the first voluntary enrollment rate and admission score of the college entrance examination rank in the forefront of science colleges and universities in Henan Province for years. Students in the national college students clinical skills competition, National College English competition, "Challenge Cup" and other activities have achieved good results. Won a number of national and provincial teaching achievement awards. At the end of the year, the employment rate of undergraduate graduates has remained above 96%, and that of postgraduates has remained 100% for many years. In 2019, the passing rate of national medical practitioner qualification (Clinical Medicine) will reach more than 75.79%. The school insists on strengthening the school with talents. In recent years, the "action plan for the reform of the teaching staff in the new era" has been launched, and the support plan for "Taihang scholars" and "Taihang young scholars" has been implemented. It has successively introduced 19 high-end talents such as double employed academicians, Changjiang Scholars and outstanding youth fund winners, and applied for and approved one thousand national class a foreign experts relying on the University. There are 5 provincial distinguished professors and 1 provincial excellent innovative science and technology team. There are more than 300 national excellent teachers, national model teachers, special allowance recipients of the State Council Government, academic and technical leaders of Henan Province,excellent experts in provincial management, famous teachers in teaching, specially appointed professors, returned overseas experts and well-known scholars in Henan Province. The school adheres to science and technology. More than 30 scientific research bases at or above the provincial and ministerial level, such as the postdoctoral research station, academician workstation, collaborative innovation center of molecular diagnosis and medical testing technology of Henan Province, and the Key Laboratory of biological psychiatry in Henan Province, and the "innovation and introduction base of immunology and model animal discipline" (National 111 program). In the past five years, it has undertaken 192 National Natural Science Foundation projects and key R & D projects, 6 national social science fund funded projects, and won 2 national teaching achievement awards, and published 2916 papers included in SCI, SSCI, EI and CSSCI. The school adheres to open education. It also pays attention to international cooperation and exchange, and cooperates with Worcester University in the UK, Edith Cowan University in Australia, Bloomfield college in the United States and Turin University in Italy to carry out Sino foreign cooperative education projects; carries out joint doctoral training program with Malaysian Polytechnic University; establishes international joint laboratory for medical tissue regeneration in Henan Province and Henan Province International for immunization and model animals There are 13 international cooperation laboratories including joint laboratory. By adhering to the principle of "inviting in" and "going out", academician fan Daiming, academician Qi Faren,academician Xu Jianguo and other experts and scholars were invited to the University for exchange, and excellent teachers were selected to study abroad, give lectures or carry out academic research, creating a good academic atmosphere. The social reputation and influence of the school have been continuously improved. In the long-term practice of running a school, the new doctors of all ages have been adhering to the school motto of "being wise, erudite and practical". They have been handed down from generation to generation, unswervingly determined, and unremitting efforts. They have formed the school spirit of "hard work and unremitting self-improvement" and the good school spirit of "unity, diligence, truth-seeking and innovation", and gradually accumulated their own school running characteristics. The university has been awarded many honorary titles, such as the national top 50 college graduates employment work, the civilized unit of Henan Province, "the top 20 leading universities in Henan comprehensive strength",the model school of running the school according to law in Henan Province, and the civilized model school in Henan Province. The great cause of thousands of years is based on practical work; the grand blueprint is to be implemented. Today's Xinxiang Medical University holds high the great banner of Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with China's characteristics, thoroughly implements the nineteen spirit of the party, follows the law of higher education development and the law of talent growth, implements the basic task of the moral education, and unswervingly follows the connotative development road. It persists in the following aspects: quality, school, talent, school, culture, school and law. We should actively integrate into the national strategies of "healthy China 2030" and the construction of zhengluoxin National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, actively serve the needs of Henan's economic and social development,accelerate the high-quality development of the school, and make great strides towards building a high-level medical university with distinctive characteristics. Show less
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