📖 Introduction

Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Liaoning TCM), established in 1958, is a comprehensive public university located in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China. As a specialized institution, it focuses on the study, research, and application of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and integrates both Chinese and Western medical approaches. Liaoning TCM is dedicated to preserving and advancing the rich heritage of TCM while contributing to modern healthcare through research and education.

The university offers a diverse range of programs in traditional medicine, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage therapy, and integrative medicine. With a commitment to excellence in TCM education, Liaoning TCM emphasizes a holistic approach to healthcare that combines traditional practices with modern medical knowledge. While not consistently featured in global university rankings, Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is recognized for its significant role in promoting the study and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, both within China and internationally. The institution's focus on preserving and advancing traditional medical knowledge positions it as a valuable contributor to the broader landscape of medical education.

🏫 About Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (LUTCM)

Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (LNUTCM) was established in 1958 as Liaoning College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and it is the only institution of higher education in traditional Chinese medicine in Liaoning Province. Approved by the Liaoning Provincial Committee, Liaoning TCM Training School (established in 1955) and Liaoning TCM Hospital (established in 1956) combined into the present Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (LNUTCM). In 2006, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the university was renamed “Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine”, the present name. In 2013, LNUTCM added the new title of “Liaoning Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine” with the approval of Liaoning Provincial Government.LNUTCM led to establish “Liaoning TCM Health Industry School-Enterprise Alliance” in 2017 and “Liaoning Institute of Technological Innovation in Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry” in 2019, and in 2020 LNUTCM set up the “Liaoning Provincial Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine”. LNUTCM is one of the first universities to confer doctoral and master's degrees, one of the first universities qualified to receive foreign students, and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and one of the first universities entrusted with the cultivation of the “Silk Road” Chinese government scholarship program . Also, LNUTCM is among the list of the first national TCM service export bases, the first national TCM clinical research bases and ranks among National Basic Ability Construction Project of Western and Central China list and the first batch of national TCM literature search sub-center. Party Building and Honors Focusing on the fundamental task of “fostering moral integrity and educating people ”, the Party Committee of LNUTCM cultivates socialist builders and successors with comprehensive development in moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic aspects Firmly grasping the direction of socialist education, LNUTCM conscientiously implements the Party’s education policy and closely combines the characteristics of TCM with Party building. Adhering to the spirit of “inheriting the essence, keeping the innovation” and the “student-centered and teacher-focused” concept, with the leadership of the Party, LNUTCM has established and enhanced its spirit marked by “phenomenon of good people of LNUTCM”. LNUTCM has received many honors successively, such as the National Advanced Grassroots Organization of CCP in the Campaign of Contending for Excellence, the National Advanced Collective of the Educational System in Discipline Inspection, the National Civilized Unit, the National May First Labor Award, the National Advanced Collective in Health and Family Planning System, the Advanced Grassroots Party Organization of Liaoning Province, the Advanced Collective of Liaoning Province, the May First Labor Award of Liaoning Province, Pioneer Workers of Liaoning Province, the Advanced Party Committee of Liaoning Educational System, the Advanced Collective of Liaoning Educational System, the Civilized Unit, Civilized Campus and Safe Campus of Liaoning Province as well as other awards. University Scale and Organization LNUTCM covers a total area of more than 1000 mu, with the main campus located in Shenyang, the capital city of Liaoning Province, and the branch campuses located in Dalian and Benxi respectively, forming the “one university , three campuses” pattern. The university has set up 6 disciplines, including medicine, science, engineering, management, literature and law, with 25 undergraduate majors and more than 25,000 students. LNUTCM boasts 17 colleges, 4 directly affiliated hospitals, 1 teaching department, 3 teaching experiment centers, 1 laboratory animal center, 1 academy of science, 3 research institutes, 3 libraries, and it is the only institution of higher education in Liaoning Province that cultivates talents in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Traditional Chinese Pharmacology, Acupuncture and Tuina, Chinese and Western Medicine in Clinical Practice,Senior Nursing and other medical related fields. Discipline and Degree Construction All the main TCM-related disciplines in the university rank among the first-class disciplines in Liaoning province, with 1 national key discipline, 26 key TCM disciplines of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 4 first-class disciplines of higher education institutions in Liaoning Province, 21 key TCM disciplines in Liaoning Province. LNUTCM has 3 post-doctoral research stations, 1 post-doctoral research workstation and 1 post-doctoral innovation practice base of Liaoning Province. It has 3 first-level doctoral degree disciplines, 16 second-level doctoral degree programs, 4 first-level master degree discipline, 23 second-level master degree programs, 1 professional doctoral degree program and 3 professional master degree programs. Educating and Teaching LNUTCM has 1 state-level teaching team, 4 state-level feature major programs, 4 national first-class undergraduate major construction programs, 1 national specialty comprehensive reform pilot project, 1 state-level experimental zone for innovative talent cultivation, 2 pilot projects of Excellent Doctors (TCM) Training Program of the Ministry of Education and State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1 national extracurricular education base for university students , 3 national excellent courses, 3 national excellent sharing courses, 3 national top-level courses and 5 national awards for teaching achievements. Apart from all the above, the university has 6 provincial model centers for experimental teaching, 2 provincial virtual simulation centers for experimental teaching, 7 provincial teaching teams, 22 provincial excellent courses,6 provincial excellent sharing courses,1 provincial excellent open course video of higher learning institutions of Liaoning province , 34 provincial first-class courses, 9 provincial practice education base for university students, 1 provincial innovation and practice base for university students, 4 provincial pilot specialty programs of comprehensive reforms in the institutions of higher education, 7 provincial programs of programs for initial top-class bachelor education demonstration, and 5 first-class undergraduate major construction projects.4 provincial pilot specialty programs of comprehensive reforms in the institutions of higher education, 7 provincial programs of programs for initial top-class bachelor education demonstration, and 5 first-class undergraduate major construction projects.4 provincial pilot specialty programs of comprehensive reforms in the institutions of higher education, 7 provincial programs of programs for initial top-class bachelor education demonstration, and 5 first-class undergraduate major construction projects. LNUTCM has made 54 provincial teaching achievements. The University is also the chief-editor institution for 111 national, industrial and innovative teaching planned textbooks, of which 8 are provincial top-quality textbooks and 10 provincial excellent textbooks. LNUTCM is comprehensive training base for high-level talents of traditional Chinese medicine of the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, the base for Practical Techniques Test and Examiner Training of National Physician Qualification Exam (the category of TCM), and also the authorized National SP Teaching Demonstrating Base, China SP community Liaoning Branch and it is the base for National TCM Practitioner Certification Examination. LNUTCM is also the national training base for TCM-Specialized English. LNUTCM has established its unique educational characteristics, namely,strong in cultivating practical, inherited, innovational and extroverted talents. Talents Recruiting and Training LNUTCM has recruited and cultivated 2 National TCM Masters, 2 National famous doctors of TCM, 2 members of“Qi Huang Scholar”,1 member of the Discipline Assessment Group of the State Council,3 candidates of the National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents Project,1 chief scientist of “973”Program, 1winner of “Qi Huang Inheritance and Development of Chinese Medicine” prize, 79 guidance teachers of national senior TCM experts inheritance, 6 young and middle-aged experts awarded by National Health and Family Planning Commission for their outstanding contributions, and 64 experts receiving special national government allowances. Among the faulty, there are 2 national outstanding teachers, 2 National Outstanding Teachers in higher education institutions of TCM,1 National Outstanding Teachers of “Two Courses” (Marxism theory course and ideological and political education course), only 100 teachers in institutions of higher learning nationwide, winning the title 55 National Outstanding Talents of TCM (theoretical and Clinical), and 1 ranking in the list who play the leading role in “Party building and academic research” of Ministry of Education. LNUTCM has cultivated 1 alternate of academician of Liaoning Province, 2 members of “Pandeng scholars” of Liaoning Province, 2 leading talents of Liaoning Province, 11 outstanding experts of Liaoning Province, 23 outstanding teachers of Liaoning Province, 12 TCM masters of Liaoning Province, 98 famous TCM doctors of Liaoning Province, and 31 young famous TCM doctors of Liaoning Province. Up to now, 10 teachers have been selected as distinguished professors of “Advanced talent team construction program” in Liaoning for at least once, 17 teachers and 2 teams have been selected into the Liaoning Revitalization Talent Program, 2 teams have been selected into the Huang Danian-style teaching team in colleges and universities of Liaoning, 46 people have been selected into the hundred level group of the Provincial Hundred,Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents Project and 87 into the thousand level group. Scientific Research LNUTCM has 1 national and provincial joint engineering lab, 1 key laboratory sponsored by the Ministry of Education, 1 national-level TCM clinical research base, 3 national-level clinical pharmacology bases, 3 key research centers of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 11 Grade III research laboratories of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1 national popular science base, 1 base of transformation of scientific and technological achievements of provincial association for science and technology,1 provincial key research base of, humanity and social science, 1 provincial collaborative innovation center, 30 provincial key labs (engineering centers and engineering labs ), 1 major science and technology platform for provincial institutions of higher learning,2 provincial research centers for clinical medicine and 3 national drug clinical trial institutions. LNUTCM also hosts three academic journals of TCM. Chinese Archives of Traditional Chinese Medicine is in the list of Chinese core journal and Chinese core science and technology journal, ranking T1 in the classification catalogue of Chinese traditional Chinese science and technology periodicals. Liaoning Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Journal of Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is in the list of core journal of science and technology in China, ranking T2 in the classification catalogue of traditional Chinese medicine science and technology journals. International Cooperation and Education LNUTCM is eligible to take international students with scholarship awarded by the Chinese government, Confucius Institute Scholarship as well as PHD scholarship awarded by Liaoning province It is the international cooperation base of TCM for Liaoning, China-Thailand and China-Central Eastern European countries, and the China - Thailand center of TCM. LNUTCM has established the Confucius Classroom of TCM in Slovakia Medical University. It has jointly operated education program in Nursing at the undergraduate level with Ara Institute of Canterbury, New Zealand. Focusing on Asia, facing Europe and the United States, expanding to Africa and taking a global view, the University has carried out extensive international exchanges and cooperation, and has established cooperative relations with universities,medical institutions or academic organizations in 35 countries and regions. Medical Service LNUTCM boats four affiliated hospitals, which are respectively titled Liaoning Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Liaoning Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute, Liaoning Proctology Hospital and Liaoning Integrated TCM and Western Medicine Hospital. LNUCTM has 11 national key clinical specialties of the Ministry of Health, 7 national TCM (specialized TCM) diagnosis and treatment regional centers, 21 key specialties of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and 43 provincial key specialties. LNUTCM also has 7 indirectly affiliated hospitals and 88 bases for clinical teaching. Campus Environment and Infrastructure Focusing on the concept of “healthy, beautiful and modern campus”, LNUTCM continuously promotes the construction of humanistic campus, energy-saving campus, safe campus and smart campus, and provides service guarantee for high quality running university. All the campuses are equipped with advanced and efficient network infrastructure supporting IPV6, based on the safe and efficient cloud -computing data center, and has established a relatively complete network security protection system, which will constantly improve data information service capacity, and facilitate the high quality development of the University.

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