📖 Introduction

Northeastern University, located in Boston, Massachusetts, is a private research university known for its commitment to experiential learning, cooperative education programs, and a strong emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship. Established in 1898, Northeastern has grown into a comprehensive institution offering a wide array of undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines, including business, engineering, health sciences, computer science, and the arts.

What sets Northeastern apart is its signature co-op program, which integrates periods of full-time work experience into the academic curriculum. This experiential learning approach allows students to gain real-world skills, make professional connections, and explore potential career paths. The university's commitment to global engagement is evident in its network of campuses and partner institutions worldwide, providing students with opportunities for international experiences and cross-cultural collaboration. Northeastern has consistently ranked among the top universities in the United States, and its innovative approach to education has garnered recognition for preparing students for success in the rapidly evolving global job market. Please note that specific rankings may vary over time, so it's advisable to refer to the latest sources for the most up-to-date information.

🏫 About Northeastern University (NEU)

Founded on April 26, 1923, Northeastern University is a university with a glorious tradition of patriotism. From August 1928 to January 1937, the famous patriotic general General Zhang Xueliang served as the principal. After the "September 18 Incident" in 1931, Northeastern University was forced to run a school in exile. In March 1949, Shenyang Institute of Technology was established on the basis of Northeastern University's School of Engineering and School of Science (partly). In August 1950, it was named Northeast Institute of Technology, and in March 1993, it was renamed Northeastern University. In January 1997, the original Shenyang Gold Institute was merged into Northeastern University, and in September 1998, it was transferred to a university directly under the Ministry of Education. The school is one of the first batch of colleges and universities under the key construction of "Project 211" and "Project 985" in the country. In September 2017, it entered the ranks of first-class university construction universities. In the course of running a school for nearly a hundred years, Northeastern University has always insisted on walking in the same direction with national development and national rejuvenation. In history, the teachers and students of Northeastern University were the main force and pioneer of the "12.9" movement. During the construction period, the school successively developed the first analog electronic computer, the first domestic CT, the first super steel and vanadium. A large number of high-level scientific research achievements, such as new titanomagnetite smelting technology, steel industry energy-saving theory and technology, controlled rolling and controlled cooling technology, and hybrid intelligent optimization control technology, have established the first university science park. In terms of academic-research cooperation, it has formed its own school-running characteristics. Northeastern University is located in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, the central city of Northeast China, and has Northeastern University Qinhuangdao Branch in Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province. The school covers a total area of 2.646 million square meters and a construction area of 1.837 million square meters. The school currently has 4,490 faculty members, including 2,857 full-time teachers. There are 5 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and 4 overseas academicians. There are 125 candidates for the National Talent Project, 57 candidates for the National Youth Talent Project, 102 New Century Excellent Talents of the Ministry of Education, and 4 National Natural Science Foundation of China innovation groups. The school has more than 100 research institutions, including 11 national-level science and technology bases such as state key laboratories, frontier science centers, and national engineering (technology) research centers. There are 2 national collaborative innovation centers, 1 provincial and ministerial collaborative innovation center, and 4 Liaoning provincial collaborative innovation centers. Northeastern University is a multidisciplinary university focusing on engineering, covering philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, science, engineering, management, art and other disciplines. The field of engineering disciplines ranks among the top 1‰ in the world. There are 104 undergraduate majors, including 15 national characteristic majors and 27 national first-class undergraduate major construction sites; there are 24 first-level discipline doctoral programs, 121 second-level discipline doctoral programs, and 36 first-level discipline master programs. , 183 second-level discipline master's programs, 5 engineering doctoral degree categories and 15 master's degree categories; 19 post-doctoral mobile stations; 3 first-level national key disciplines, 4 second-level national key disciplines, 1 National key (cultivation) disciplines, covering a total of 16 secondary disciplines. The school takes first-class disciplines as the core, empowers discipline upgrades with "intelligence", implements 4 major leading plans, and cultivates 3 projects. The interdisciplinary ecosystem of sustainable development is more dynamic. Northeastern University currently has more than 49,000 undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students. Focusing on the fundamental task of building morality and cultivating people, the school has achieved fruitful results in the cultivation of top-notch innovative talents, the updating of teaching concepts, the research on teaching methods, and the exploration of training models. Since the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", Northeastern University has added 3 national teaching achievement awards, has been approved for the first batch of 39 national first-class undergraduate courses, and has been approved for 7 new engineering research and practice projects by the Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education has 3 new liberal arts research and reform practice projects, won 1 of the first National Textbook Construction Award (higher education), and was approved as the first batch of future technical colleges by the Ministry of Education. Students have won 444 international awards in innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, 2,100 national-level awards, 1,575 outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship projects, and 300 patents. A total of 94 student entrepreneurship enterprises have landed. In the 2020 China Higher Education Association Competition Ranking, the total number of student awards ranked 3rd in the country, and the overall ranking is 6th in the country. The quality of student sources, the employment rate of graduates and the quality of employment remain relatively high. The school adheres to the scientific research direction of serving the national strategy and regional development, encourages free exploration, and promotes collaborative innovation. The level of basic research has been steadily improved, and the competitiveness of technological innovation has been continuously enhanced. Since the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", the school has undertaken 8,000 scientific and technological projects of various types, and has won nearly 300 scientific and technological awards at the provincial and ministerial level and above, including 14 national scientific and technological awards such as the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award and the second prize of the National Natural Science Award. 67 first-class ministerial awards; 5,109 national patents, including 4,584 invention patents; 29,801 papers included in the three major retrievals. The school has formed a unique comparative advantage in technological innovation, technology transfer and achievement transformation, explored an effective way to combine government, industry, academia, and research, and realized the benign interactive development of disciplines, talents, scientific research, and industries. The school was selected as one of the first batch of pilot demonstration bases for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in colleges and universities by the Ministry of Education and one of the top 100 cases of comprehensive innovation and reform experiments by the National Development and Reform Commission. The school adheres to the new generation of information technology, new materials, life and health, and the frontier of cross-technology, and promotes the construction of university science parks, laying a new important foundation for Northeastern University to serve the national economic construction and the comprehensive revitalization of Northeast old industrial bases. The school faces the world and is open to running schools. It has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with 253 universities and research institutions in 37 countries and regions; it has established 6 "university innovation and talent introduction bases" and 1 international cooperation joint laboratory. , 3 Sino-foreign cooperative education programs and 1 Sino-foreign cooperative education institution, the world's first Confucius Institute for Science and Technology was established in Belarus, with cross-cultural academic exchange platforms such as the Polish Research Center, the Australian Research Center, and the Goethe Language Center. Continue to promote the construction of an internationalized faculty team and an internationalized innovative talent training system, employ well-known overseas experts to give lectures, academic exchanges, and participate in discipline construction, etc., and send teachers and students abroad to carry out international conferences, scientific research cooperation, joint training, Various exchange visits such as overseas internships. There are currently 1097 international students in the school. The school has always adhered to the original intention of building morality and cultivating people, educating people for the party and the country, focusing on cultivating newcomers to the era who are responsible for national rejuvenation, leading the construction of first-class universities with strong party building work, and has twice been awarded "National Advanced Grassroots Party". Organization", was selected as the first batch of 10 "National Party Building Demonstration Universities" to cultivate and create units, the first batch of 10 "three comprehensive education" comprehensive reform pilot universities, the first batch of 10 "one-stop" student community comprehensive management model construction pilot Universities and the second batch of pilot units for the construction of educational integration media have been approved as the Demonstration Center for Curriculum Ideological and Political Teaching Research by the Ministry of Education.

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